6 Website Apps To Track Analytics

best website apps to track analytics
Are you a website developer or entrepreneur who is looking to get a little savvier with cell phone technology? While you’re on the move it’s nice to be able to see how your website is doing whether it’s in the middle of the day, late at night, or whenever you’re unable to have easy access to a computer. There’s been recent advancements in website apps to help you track your analytics on the go, post from your phone, and more.

Turn yourself into a savvy entrepreneur and website developer with these apps that allow you to study your website analytics, import CSV files to create stunning graphs without any hassle, schedule tweets and other social media posts in a matter of minutes, and more. These apps are sure to help you grow your websites and dominate your niche.


pipedrive track analytics
This app was highly recommended by a cell phone repair person who uses it for her business. She said that this app has a great user-interface and allows her to easily track the progress of her cell phone repair business while she’s on vacation, in long meetings, or just away from her laptop. The app provides clean graphs to view your analytics on and even has features to let you post blog posts from your phone, adjust plugins, and more! It’s a truly great tool for any website developer or owner.


quicklytics track analytics
Quicklytics is a great tool for Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a useful tool for tracking ad campaigns, website statistics, and more. This is a free app that breaks down your traffic in easy to read graphs. The graphs target users who are actively on your site, what devices they are using on your site (Windows Phone, Mac, Black Berry, iPad etc…), as well as important statistics like bounce rate.


hootsuite track analytics
This platform is a brilliant content manager. Hootsuite allows you to schedule social media posts and track them with user-friendly interface. It’s a great tool to schedule social media posts in the morning and then forgot about it for the day. You’ll be able to schedule posts quickly and effectively, saving you all of the important time that social media can suck up. This is a must have app for anyone with social media accounts connected to their website.

Roambi Analytics

roambi track analytics
This app is a useful tool for using spreadsheets on your iPhone or iPad. Spreadsheets can be incredibly awkward to maneuver and edit and this app aims to simplify the process. Toronto Tax Lawyer, David Rotfleisch, relies on this app to manage a large data set when travelling or on the road. It’s the perfect tool for creating reports by creating charts, building dashboards, studying website analytics, and helping you to visualize data. It allows you to easily transfer in data from an array of spreadsheet platforms such as Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, and more. Any CSV file can be imported.

Flurry Analytics

flurry track analytics
The Flurry Analytics app was developed by Yahoo as a free tool to use on multiple devices from iOS software to Windows Phone’s, making it a useful tool for anyone who doesn’t fall into the ‘iPhone’ category. This app helps you to track analytics and gives you the options to create your own customizable dashboards. The app breaks down your analytics into Usage, Audience, Events, and more to build a strong picture of how your website is growing. The app has a few kinks in it, but all in all it’s a good tool to use.

Abondo – Ecommerce Analytics

abondo track analytics
So we’ve discussed tracking website stats, but another important statistic if you’re running an e-commerce website is sales. Abondo lets you check all of your stats related to revenue, average order value, the number of transactions processed, as well as overall website visits and conversions. It’s a simple and effective tool for tracking your passive income and definitely worthwhile to check out if you’re an entrepreneur.

Final Conclusion

It’s incredible how many apps are out on the market today and that can become a little overwhelming. These six tools are some of the best out there for tracking your website analytics and building beautiful graphs.

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