5 Tips To Design A Lawyer’s Website

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Credit: Ed Bierman

If you’re a lawyer or an attorney, it’s important to have your own website so that clients can easily do a search and find online to learn more about your practice and what your practice offers. In addition to this, the better the website that you have, then the higher chance you’re going to win over potential clients than any other lawyer’s in your area who practice the same thing.

An example of a great website is by the lawyer Jeremy Diamond of Diamond and Diamond Lawyers. Their website is great for a few reasons. To start, they have some incredible copy that’s powerful and efficient at getting their point across. They also have a good website theme and the staff is clearly visible on the site, helping potential clients become comfortable with who may represent them in their time of need. Here are some of the top tips on building a successful website for a lawyer.

Host On WordPress

It all starts for you with who you have hosting your website. One of the best sites out there is WordPress and the majority of websites today are hosted here. What’s great about WordPress is that you don’t have to be a professional web designer to start a site and in addition to that, it won’t look like some terrible Wix website, either. WordPress is a free platform that allows you to easily add a theme and make adjustments to your site without any coding.

You’ll be able to easily post blog posts, add tons of plugins that are full of cool features such as Google Analytics and contact forms, and be able to change website designs with only a few clicks and little to no headache.

Get A Theme

Once you have your WordPress account, scour the web and start trying different themes on your site. You can play around with website designs by simply downloading theme and installing the .zip file to the WordPress account. Don’t worry about the public seeing these changes either, as you can do all of this behind the scenes so that the public never knows.

You can choose between tens of thousands of themes online, so it’s important to look up articles that feature the top themes, so you don’t become overwhelmed with all of the options available to you. You can get brilliant free themes easily or if you want to go the extra mile, you can pick up an extraordinary theme for less than a hundred.

Client Testimonials

client testimonials
Once your theme is set up, get client testimonials on your website. You can post faces if you like, or you can just add their quotes. Feature this prominently on the front page so that potential clients can see a glimpse of your track record. This will help to build trust between the potential client and you before you even shake hands. Client testimonials are a must for you in order to keep up with the competition as everyone seems to be doing it these days.

Great Copy

In addition to the client testimonials, hire a marketer to writing copy for you. Copy is keyword oriented information on your site that is engaging and draws potential clients in to what you offer. Better website copy is a direct correlation to online success, so be sure to spend a lot of time playing with copy and run A/B tests to see what the most effective is and you’ll notice a huge payoff.

Meet The Staff

Finally, it’s important for your potential clients to see your faces and your background. Create a separate page on your website that focuses on specifically who works at your firm. This should be everyone from the secretary to you, so that you can work on building that trust further. Include background information on everyone as well or a fun fact about each person. Between facial recognition with this new page, great copy, and client testimonials, you’ll be able to build a relationship with clients before ever meeting them in person.

Final Conclusion

Building a website for your law firm is incredibly important to garner trust between clients and you as well as attracting them in the first place. You’ll notice an huge uptick in interest of your firm by launching a website that you’ll be able to directly cash in on.

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