What’s the Best Place to Host your WordPress Site?

web-hosting-for-wordpressChoosing the right hosting for your website can be overwhelming at the best of times. Factor in something like WordPress and you could have yourself a compatibility nightmare. But fear not! I’m here to tell you who the best companies are and what they can provide when working with WordPress.

Although the majority of companies are able to host WordPress sites to a basic level and provide you with minimum requirements, you and your business deserve better than that. Here are the best companies on the Internet available to host your WordPress website.

Bluehost.com, Dreamhost and Laughing Squid are all recommended by WordPress themselves. This is obviously a great positive feature, if the company itself recognizes and recommends a website host. The reasons I think they’re great options are the 1-click install feature, free trials, fully managed, semi managed and self-managed options for your site and a general attitude of being relatively flexible and working to your business requirements. This all sounds great, but there are other things to consider beyond the recommendation. These might not be the most affordable options – there may be wasted features within the packages they’re able to provide. They have 24/7 customer service, but you need to make sure that you can get this with basic hosting as well as the premium packages. There are also things other than cost and compatibility to consider, such as whether these companies are operating to the best of their ethical ability.

Sustainable options I like include HostGator and GreenGeeks and there are a number of other ecofriendly hosting sites that have one-click install for WordPress and still offer the support for themes and upgrades that you need to host a successful site. They also offer options for unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage at the higher end of the scale of their packages. By offsetting the carbon emissions and keeping their businesses green, these companies are ensuring that you still have the support you need for WordPress but don’t lose out on helping the world remain as sustainable as possible.

There are also decisions to make about the size of the company you want to be hosting your WordPress site. Do you want a large, known brand like GoDaddy? Or would you prefer a smaller, more bespoke company to provide a personalized service like 34SP? These are all things you need to consider outside of the technical element to hosting.

You can see all the features of the top hosting companies quickly on comparison sites like top 10 Best Website Hosting rather than visiting each company individually, just make sure the information is up-to-date before you make a purchase. WordPress has the capacity to support a simple blog or a huge eCommerce site, so be sure to buy the hosting package that suits the size of your website.

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