Free Christmas WordPress Plugins for Your Business

business-wordpress-plugins-for-christmasIt’s that time of the year again when the bells start to ring, the Christmas decorations start to go up and out comes the mince pies, mulled wine and the sounds of festive carols and cheer.

To help your business get into the Christmas spirit here are some free Christmas WordPress plugin ideas which you can download and add to your website or blog.

Merry Christmas audio

Everyone likes a good old sing along and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without one, this audio even flashes up the lyrics to Shakin Stevens’ Merry Christmas. Your customers are more likely to visit a website that is fun and festive looking and adding some music gives the site a new lease of life over the festive season.

Christmas Countdown Clock

The Christmas Countdown widget is a great option for online retailers who want to remind their customers how many shopping days, hours, minutes and seconds are left until the big day. You can display this in two different shades of blue, both dark and light. It’s also quick and easy to install, just add the widget to your sidebar, adjust the width setting and start counting!

Snow storm

Watching a snow storm on your website is probably the nearest many of us will get to seeing the snow fall this Christmas.This plugin not only enables you to add effects like twinkling and melting snow, it also allows you control over the snow’s colour and volume.

Holiday Message

Send your customers and visitors a customised message by downloading the Holiday Message plugin. You have total control over your message and have a choice on adding a Christmas Countdown Clock, so this is a great opportunity to thank customers and to wish them a happy Christmas with a cute pop up message. A little message to acknowledge your customers at Christmas can go a long way and can provide a great marketing tool in making them return to your website.

Christmas lights

This is an easier option to inserting some of the other plugins if you want to add something small to make your site look festive without going over the top as this plugin will allow you to light up your site with a Christmas branch and decorative bubble that lights up the top right hand corner of your website.

It’s a well known fact that visitors like to see websites that are quirky and fun, by adding a string full of colourful Christmas Lights will look welcoming to visitors as well as add a quirky festive touch.

Where can I download these cool festive Christmas WordPress plugins?

If you want to spice up your website with festive cheer and you like the sound of one of the free WordPress plugins mentioned in this article, just type you preference into the Plugin Directory .

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