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Portable Document Format, or widely accepted as PDF, are the files with a .pdf extension to them and were developed by Adobe Systems Inc. back in 1993. These files originated as a result of the need of a digital file format that is truly independent of the hardware, application software’s and operating system. These files emerged as the fixed layout format with all the images, text and other graphics embedded in a way that makes it harder to mess around with. This file format preserved the document as it was intended to be formatted and the rapid advances over the next few years saw it establishing itself as the leader in digital file formats. Now, after 25 years of service to the industry, PDF files are not ceasing in their popularity and the emerging trend continues even for this decade. PDF files are widely used in workplaces and college setups, monitoring and storing records in this ubiquitous file format.

While PDF definitely makes a case for a popular file format of the generation, it is supported by over a few other file formats developed by Microsoft Inc. Microsoft’s Office suite, ranging from products like Word and Excel are other popular file formats for saving digital text and tables respectively. Converting between one of Microsoft’s brainchild formats and PDF could become a concern if one needs to work around digital files on a daily basis.

Introducing Docs.Zone – The comprehensive file conversion suite

Converting between different file formats is not pretty straightforward, unless you have a workaround tool for this purpose. While there are many native file converters, you can save yourself the time and pain to go through the downloading and installation process of such native software. Instead, you can go the online route and complete these conversions from your browser itself by using an online converter in the form of – Docs.Zone.

Docs.Zone is a premium online file conversion tool that provides you with a comprehensive suite of file conversion options to convert between almost any popular file formats on the web. We will be taking a look at the key file conversions made possible with this tool.

Convert Microsoft Documents to PDF

Docs.Zone Files to PDF

You can easily convert from Microsoft Word or Excel documents to PDF by choosing the ‘Convert files to PDF’ in the top navigating bar and then hitting ‘Select files…’ and add your files. Once the uploading of files is done, hit ‘Start’ and view the progress bar go all the way to the process of completion. Depending on the size of the uploaded file, the conversion will take up a few minutes to process completely.

Once the conversion is done, you can access your converted files from the area below titled ‘Inbox’. The resulting files can be saved to your drive or kept online in your Inbox for a span of 6 hours.

Convert PDF files to Word and Excel formats

Docs.Zone PDF to Word

By using Docs.Zone, in a similar process mentioned above, you can convert PDF to Word document easily. By accessing the section titled ‘PDF to Word’ or ‘PDF to Excel’, you can convert your PDF files into Word Excel file format respectively. Once on the respective tab, hit ‘Select files’ and add your PDF files from the emerging file browsing window and hit ‘Start’.

Similar to the above process, once the conversion is completed, you can access your resulting Word or Excel files from the ‘Inbox’ section beneath it.

Merge your PDF’s together

Docs.Zone Merge PDF files

If you are looking to combine PDF documents into one, Docs.Zone also allow it be accessing the ‘Combine files to PDF’ tab from the top menu. Once you are done with uploading multiple PDF files to be merged into one, hit ‘Start’ and wait for the conversion process to be done. After the conversion is done, you can access the converted single PDF file from your ‘Inbox’ section.

Other file conversions

Docs.Zone also process conversion from PDF’s to High-res JPEG images and to save webpages as PDF files by accessing their respective sections from the top menu bar. The resulting converted JPEG images are of the highest and lossless quality. You can also save your webpages to read them later as a PDF file.


For all of this comprehensive file conversion, Docs.Zone charges its users – $9.95/month or $59.95 for annual subscription.


Docs.Zone is easily the most comprehensive online file conversion tool that you would ever come across. With provisions to convert between a host of file formats, Docs.Zone will just get your file conversion done within no time. For their paid full subscription, you get to convert unlimited number of files across a host of digital file formats. Now you can say adios to the native file conversion software’s and the threats that software’s come associated with in general. Go completely online for your file conversion activities with Docs.Zone.

Our Rating – 4.8 Out of 5

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