Download Your Favourite Tracks and Playlists from SoundCloud with 4K YouTube to MP3

soundcloud-youtube-to-mp3SoundCloud is one of the major online platforms for music producers and listeners alike. The online music streaming service has finally taken the first step towards their long-term plan of getting their music producers paid. With their recent licensing deal with Warner Music Group agreed,the streaming service is now ready to compensate the music producers signed with the global label, when their songs are streamed. Mix tapes, demos, bootlegs, remixes and singles are all made available on SoundCloud by the respective music producers, and it is strongly competing with YouTube to get the major online audio streaming users. With over 250 million monthly active listeners in tow, SoundCloud is just about to grow even stronger on all fronts.

While YouTube has definitely established its stance as the biggest online streaming website in the world, it wouldn’t appeal to the audience who just want to stream music, instead of watching them. The listening experience on SoundCloud clearly distinguishes itself from YouTube. With many major artists like Skrillex, Foo fighters, 50 Cent, Avicii, Madonna and many more active on the network, it makes more sense to stream audio directly from your favourite artists through SoundCloud. While streaming audio online seems plausible, now you can also download your favourite tunes from the network for free, using a tool.

If you are an audiophile, SoundCloud should definitely appeal to you and with 4K’s tool, you can now download your favourite tracks and playlists for free.

Getting started with 4K YouTube to MP3

4K YouTube to MP3 Home Screen

4K YouTube to MP3 is the tool which will let you download your favourite tracks from SoundCloud. This tool comes for all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu, so compatibility isn’t an issue in this case. The download for Windows comes in at 23MB and the ad-supported tool can be downloaded for free from their official website.Once installed, you will be presented with 4K YouTube to MP3’s home screen as seen above.

The tool is pretty clean and ample of white spaces make browsing through it a breeze. We will quickly have a rundown of this tool and how you can download your SoundCloud tracks from the network.

Downloading your favourite tracks from SoundCloud

For getting started on downloading your favourite tracks, you will need to have the link of the particular track copied to your clipboard. So, you will be accessing your track and copying the track’s SoundCloud link to your clipboard as seen below.

4k YouTube to MP3 Copy Soundcloud URL

If you happen to forget the lyrics of the song then you can simply sing the melody of your song to music identification apps and they will give you the exact song match. Once you got the song, you can find it on SoundCloud and download it by following the aforementioned steps.

Once your track’s link is copied, open your installation of 4K YouTube to MP3 and hit ‘Paste Link’. Parsing of the track will begin and soon you’ll be presented with another screen seen below. After the ink is retrieved, the track will be automatically downloaded to your choice of location and format, which can be accessed from the ‘Preferences’ section of the tool, which we will be covering shortly.

4K YouTube to MP3 Paste URL

Downloading your Playlists and Trending Music

You can add your favourite tracks and other trending popular music to your playlist on SoundCloud. You can also download your Playlist for offline listening, by heading over to your Profile section at SoundCloud and hitting ‘Playlists’ from the top tabs. Once you select and open your Playlist, copy the URL from the address bar of your browser to your clipboard.

Once you have copied the URL of your playlist at SoundCloud, open 4K YouTube to MP3 and hit ‘Paste URL’. The links from the playlist will be parsed and after the information is retrieved, the download of the files will begin sequentially, as they are listed in your SoundCloud playlist.

Choosing your preferred settings on the tool

4K YouTube to MP3 Preferences

You can easily manage your default download location, the file format, audio quality and much more by accessing the ‘Preferences’pane of the tool. The resulting dialog box, seen above, will let you change the default directory for downloading these audio files. The quality and intensity of the audio files can be changed from the dropdown menu at the top, with a choice for the highest of 320 kbps audio file. The intensity of the download is related to more about how stable the download would be, with more the number of threads, less stable the download actually becomes. The three audio formats this tool supports are MP3, OGG and M4A. A host of other options can be accessed from the checkboxes below on the same dialog window.


While accessing your favourite tracks by streaming them online is plausible, it is not viable for users who do not have access to the internet all the time. Using 4K YouTube to MP3 free tool, you can now download your favourite tracks individually or your entire playlists easily. The URL of the track or playlist is the only thing that you would ever be requiring to download your favourite tunes from SoundCloud.

With great customer support for this tool and a batch of positive consumer reviews, 4K YouTube to MP3 is a must have tool for the audiophile in you.

Rating – 8.6 Out of 10

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