9 Proven Ways to Save On Office Software Expenses with Office 365

how to save on office software expenses with office 365Microsoft has succeeded in providing its users the ultimate services by updating its services and keeping them up to the mark. It is again back with the updated version of Microsoft Office to provide the superior quality service. Yes, we are talking about Microsoft Office 365 and here are some of the amazing features that it has got with its arrival:

1. It is not just a software:

It is not just a software but it is a cloud software and is called a “cloud version of office”.

2. Power Map:

This is one of the worth mentioning feature of Office 365. It lets you plot your data on the map using Excel which has made the interpretation of data much easier for the user. This feature provides a very nice interface to visualize the data.

3. Communicate with Co-Workers:

This version of office has come with a Skype integration and now you can easily share screens and tell the co-workers about the status. It also allows you to have an audio or video conversation enabling you to work and communicate concurrently.

4. Converting to PDF:

Converting to PDF format has become much more easy using the new version of office. You just need to save the document by simply clicking the save button and there is a PDF extension integrated in the newly opening window.

5. Reverting the version of a file:

Reverting the version of a file has been made much more easier and you can switch to the previous version very easily. You would be able to see the changes made by whom and when.

6. Intelligent Email Inbox:

intelligent email box office360Again the Machine Learning is at work, Microsoft now also provides a service to declutter the mails so that the prioritized mails are more visible to you and all the other mails are gone to the  Clutter Folder. This enables you to do the more important tasks first and helps you in managing and scheduling the tasks by providing you a view of the more important mails.

7. Turn OneNote into Outlook Calendar event:

Providing you with the perfect mix of time and task management features, this one enables you to convert the OneNote into Outlook Calendar event and helps you manage your tasks and saves your time working as an assistant.

8. More Safe and Secure:

Microsoft has always been prioritizing security of the files and the data of its customers. Using Office 365 you deploy the same system being deployed by Microsoft and all other big enterprises worldwide. The documents and the messages are scanned time to time ensuring the security of data.

9. No Requirement for Professionals with IT Background:

no need it background office360This version of office has been designed keeping in view the problems faced by firms. This version also meets all the needs and requirements of the organizations which don’t have an IT staff. This helps you saving the time the officials spend on the time learning the Web and IT related tasks. There is an online portal which serves the purpose of providing the step by step instructions for account set up and adding of multiple users.

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