SEO Crawlers: Why Use Such Products for Your Online Ventures?

While the search engines have their own crawlers to determine whether your content is good enough to put in the search results, there are other tools that can help you improve your website. These days, it’s all about trying to provide the best UX (User Experience) to your visitors and, if you don’t, Google and co won’t value your website too highly. Therefore, it’s important you take advantage of external SEO crawling products to improve your understanding of why the search engines aren’t promoting your pages and keywords as highly as they should.

seo crawlers why use such products for your online ventures
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Find Out Who’s Talking About Your Brand

With the SEOCrawler, you’ll be able to get an insight into who’s talking about your brand. The SEO crawler itself will scan the search engines and social media platforms to see who’s talking about your brand and why. This will benefit you when it comes to building new relationships, as you’ll know what sites are already interested in what you’ve got to offer.

Manage Your Backlinks

Managing your backlinks is another feature many crawlers offer. They’ll give you details not only on how many backlinks you have but they’ll let you know how each backlink is benefitting your website. Different backlinks have different ratings in terms of trustworthy and authority, so it’s important to manage those backlinks in such a way so you can better your backlinking efforts in the future.

Explore Your Backlink Data

When it comes to building a search engine presence, you’ll likely have thought about building backlinks using various methods. Some website owners take advantage of guest posting services, whereas many others improve their content marketing efforts to hopefully build natural backlinks. Whatever methods you choose to adopt, an SEO crawler will give you access so you can explore backlinks and its data. You’ll get access to detailed metrics from every page so you can see what content has worked and what content hasn’t been as useful.

Auditing Features

As well as all the above features, SEO crawlers also come with auditing features so you can better your understanding of why you’re not getting the exposure you deserve. Whether it’s to do with poor page loading times, content marketing efforts, duplicate content and broken links – such products will let you know what’s going wrong and what you need to do to fix it. If your website isn’t providing a top user experience, search engines aren’t going to value your site highly. With SEO crawlers and auditing data, you’ll be able to improve the experience and improve your search engine presence.

Ranking Monitor

Whatever keywords you’re looking to target with your content marketing efforts, it’s important you stay on top of their rankings so you know what is or isn’t working. Crawlers now come with their own rank tracking features so you can see what the search engines are doing with the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Thanks to this feature, you’ll instantly have access to a range of information like search volumes, trends, history, and any daily changes that your keywords/rankings might be faced with. This feature is invaluable and SEO crawler tools should be taken advantage of for this feature alone.

Inspect the Competition

Your content marketing and any other methods you adopt will sometimes depend on what your competitors are doing. Therefore, researching and inspecting your biggest competitors and their websites could pay dividends to your SEO and marketing efforts. You can inspect the competition with using SEO crawlers. The tools will let you see how competitors are ranking for specific keywords and you can even find competitors you probably didn’t know existed.

Website Data

Many crawlers also support Google Analytics integration, which will give you more data when it comes to seeing how your website is performing. From metrics such as bounce rate, unique visitors, page loading times and more, you’ll be able to see how your content is fairing and what you’ll need to do to improve things.

SEO Crawlers really are excellent tools for those looking to take their website ventures to the next level. If you’re not using such a tool, you’re missing out on loads of data and, ultimately, you’re missing out on new customers because your website isn’t performing as it should.

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