What Does an SSL Checker Say About Your website?

ssl-checker-website-protectionThanks to web browsers and other online tools, it’s quite easy to measure or summarise a website’s protective measures. For instance, a simple SSL Checker will tell you about a websites certification, while web browsers already show a grey or green padlock, based on an SSL or SSL EV certification.

So, what does all this actually say about your website? Different people will visit your site for different reasons. Customers will look for security, while potential thieves will look for weaknesses. By understanding both of these needs, you can gain a better understanding of why SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is such an important resource to have.

For Customers

Customers want to feel safe when they go online. Everyone has heard stories of companies losing information, servers left unprotected and commonplace scams, such as phishing. When they visit your website, most people want to see something that represents a decent level of security.

This is where the SSL Checker comes into play. The padlock symbol in the URL box puts many people at ease. These days, most internet surfers are aware of online dangers and will not give out personal information so freely. If you don’t have an SSL certificate – which can be provided by Thawte, the SSL Checker will easily tell users this and they will likely choose to take their business and interest elsewhere.

For Data Thieves

Likewise, the opposite is true for data thieves. They want to find a website without SSL. If a company doesn’t bother with SSL, what else are they lacking? Perhaps they’ve only got basic firewalls, server protection and easily accessible data. If they do not have encryption data transmissions with a transfer protocol such as SSL, there’s probably a lot more they’re not doing.

In other words, having no SSL Certificate is a tempting offer for the opportunist. Information is a valuable commodity on the black market, especially when it involves financial details. Ensuring that your digital defences are noticeable – even if it’s just through an SSL Checker will turn many potential criminals away.

This is not the entire range of online security methods currently available, of course, but everything has a part to play. Online defences should be something you constantly improve and build upon. Customers will look for it and data thieves would prefer to avoid it, so having the right features and getting the best SSL Certificate can only work in your favour. For a small investment, it offers some fairly large benefits.

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