What is Domain Authority and Why Is It Important to Your Website?

What is Domain Authority and Why Is It Important to Your Website?

The digital marketing industry and the world of S.E.O can be often opaque, with few insights on the workings of Google’s algorithms in your hunt for organic traffic. This is where the lure of Domain Authority becomes extremely evident.

Many people, however, can still find it difficult to zero down on exactly what Domain Authority can do for a website and how to increase domain authority. Domain Authority is a metric that serves a specific function: to rank your domain. One of the most sought out tactics to improve a website’s traffic and overall success is to improve it’s DA or domain authority.

This system is a representative model that depicts how Google decides which pages would show up first on the search engine results page for every query based on keywords. It provides the strength of a website and is used by many experts to check the quality of inbound links and how they’re affecting a site’s SEO health.

DA is a search engine rank score system developed by Moz and predicts exactly how well a website ranks of SERPs. A score ranges from one to 100 and the higher scores have a greater ability to rank. It is calculated by evaluated linking domains, the number of links used, and other factors. The score can be used in many ways, especially while comparing websites with your competition or to check for a website’s “ranking strength” over time.

Why Links Matter

Domain authority involves a scale from 1 to 100, the higher score corresponding with better ranking abilities. If you’ve got a brand new website your score would be 1. Even though it is an intrinsic score, DA determines your position on SERPs, making it a highly important aspect to chase after. It’s not the whole story involved in driving organic traffic to new websites, but it can be one of the easiest methods to look into.

It is a comparative metric and means very little on its own. Looking at these scores with a competitive perspective, however, can make it a very powerful metric. Looking into DA alone to increase your ranking won’t help in the long run. SEO experts often advise newbies to focus on DA along with metrics like page authority, ranking, and keyword-specific metrics, along with other aspects to minimize the site’s ranking ability.

There is a certain dynamic between DA scores and links, one that needs attention. High-quality links that are relevant to your services and are from credible sources can pump up your ranking. Websites that don’t have a good number of corresponding inbound links would unfortunately score lower.

Finding links from low-quality sites and shady sites that sell a high volume of links are to be avoided as they lead to your site’s penalization by Google. Experts suggest that finding high-quality links is a much better investment of your time and resources than chasing after broken or low-quality ones.

How to Improve your DA

Fundamentally, impacting your domain authority is tied in with rehearsing what’s frequently called the White Hat SEO method and zeroing in on your links. By all accounts, this looks simpler than it is because you definitely should simply dispose of terrible links and get great ones. Here is what you need to be looking into:


You need to begin by taking a gander at your backlinks which are the ones that are highlighting your webpage from other independent ventures or sites. Probably the most ideal approach to achieve that objective is through utilizing the Google Webmaster tool and tapping on Search Traffic. Moz has another instrument that takes a look at sites and their links to figure the terrible ones out.

You need to remember, a ton of inferior quality links that will hurt your DA come from clear sources like spam destinations or even organizations that don’t apply to your merchandise and ventures. Disposing of these is the initial step. The greater part of these tools has a strategy to disavow awful backlinks.

Great Links

On the opposite side of the coin is getting acceptable and high-quality links. Probably the most ideal approach to do that is to make your site alluring with new value and worth-added content. A great deal of attention needs to be paid to content marketing in this step.

One of the more conventional sources is to blog and write fresh articles. Video can likewise assume a significant part of a page’s content. Whichever way you choose to convey your idea, it’s critical to have a content strategy that is esteem added and not driven by what’s known as the “hard sell”.

Staying transparent with your prospects and lending them your considerations can help you build a loyal following and increase the number of credible links you can get. This is one of the best methods used by most experts to get relevant links.

Internal Links

When you link one page to another within your website, you can boost your DA score. Internal links are a good way to simultaneously boost Google’s PageRank as it crawls your site. The internal links need to be placed according to their relevance and in a manner that helps the user navigate through your entire website quicker.

If you ensure your internal links relate to pages based on a theme or topic, your users will find crawling your website more convenient. This can instantly boost a site’s DA.

To check the DA scores of your site or that of your competitor’s, you can always use tools like Moz, Ahrefs, and other Google tools. These tools can be used for more than telling you the score and can be crafted to assess factors leaving your site with low scores.

There is an extreme rise in the significance of backlinks and with it, marketers are looking more towards DA to assess their SEO and determine a good plan of action. Higher scores can help drive organic traffic that is crucial to the success of your business. For a successful SEO plan, inculcate checking DA scores to keep your website fit and to help it stand against competitors.

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