Why PicsArt Should Be Your Go-To Photo Editor?

picsart photo editor review
PicsArt is one of the biggest names out there when it comes to mobile photo editing. PicsArt has continued its exponential growth over the past several years and is now venturing into the land of browser based online photo and video editing.

PicsArt has wide appeal for both new users with its easy-to-use interface, and long time veterans with just the sheer amount of features and tools that’s available. Now they’re taking that same philosophy and moving it completely over to our browsers with their new online photo editor.

There’s a reason PicsArt has had over 1 billion downloads and here’s the top three reasons why you should use it too.

1. Very Simple to Start

Even if you’ve never edited a photo once in your life, navigating PicsArt’s online photo editor couldn’t be any easier. As soon as you go there, you’ll see all the major editing tools stacked in front of you.

From there it’s all about choosing what you want to achieve and clicking the corresponding tool for it.

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2. A Ton of Tools

PicsArt has been seeing regular updates for the past eight years and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

picsart photo editor filters
Eight years of constant updates, additions, and new releases is some major firepower for a photo editing app to have. Now the online version of PicsArt’s photo editor doesn’t have every single thing the mobile version does, but it’s very quickly getting there.

Even in its current state, for a browser based photo editor it has almost any function and tool that you might need right at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking to remove the background of your photo, add one of PicsArt’s unique filters and effects, or even to add texts to your photos using custom fonts, there’s seriously no end to PicsArt’s inventory of tools and it shows.

3. Completely Free

That’s right! I know everything here sounds too good to be available for free.

Although PicsArt’s mobile version does have a subscription model that adds even more features to the editor, the online photo editor is completely free to use.

Putting all that together, I don’t see how PicsArt shouldn’t earn a permanent spot up in your browser’s bookmarks. For whenever you might need a quick edit or adjustment you’d know exactly what to do to quickly take care of it.

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