Top 7 Reasons Why You Should do a Python Certification

If you are a developer or a statistician working with the latest tools and technologies, then Python is not unfamiliar terrain. Many beginners and even experienced professionals for that matter often find themselves asking the question of whether to undertake a Python training course.

why you should do a python certification
With AI taking the tech world by storm and huge advancements being done in robotics, now is the best time to jump onto the Python bandwagon. Even the data science space which matured the last decade has been slowly moving into the world of Python with innovative web scraping scripts and forecasting models.

Who would benefit most from Python?

If you are a student looking to gain some coding skills, then a Python course would be just the right thing for you. It also holds true for data science and AI professionals who are looking for more powerful languages to process the data deluge generally associated with the data science and AI space. With the direction technological innovations have taken, Python is quickly emerging as the language of choice due to its many advantages.

Here we try to outline a few top features which truly make Python the language of the 21st century. So, before you rush to enrol with a Python training course, it would be good to glance over some of the advantages that Python offers over languages like C# or RStudio.

  1. Less need to code:The world of data science and AI revolves around models and data structures. Sometimes there are so many algorithms that it gets difficult to keep track through traditional processing languages like RStudio. In addition, the syntax of Python is much simpler and cleaner. Believe it or not, through Python one can implement functionalities with 1/5th less code than other languages out there.
  2. Prebuilt Libraries:There is an extensive set of libraries which one can call within a Python program. A few popular examples would by NumPy, SciPy and Pybrain for scientific computation, advanced computing and machine learning respectively. The library AIMA is till today the best library out there for AI projects. The biggest advantage to having these numerous powerful libraries is that it saves a lot of time for the coder who doesn’t have to design baseline items anymore
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  4. Online Support:The language is open-source and the online community is easy to access and you can find solutions to any challenge you face. Compared to other languages the Python support community consists of active coders who are willing to give a helping hand to any beginner or expert at any stage of development.
  5. Platform Agnostic:Through a Python course, you will get clarity on the immense flexibility provided by the language. In addition, it is also platform independent which makes things much simpler for the coder. Just a few minor changes to the codes, you can get your forecasting model or applications up and running with a new OS. This saves developers a lot of time which would generally go into testing on different platforms and migrating code.
  6. Flexibility: Python is a language which is good for almost any purpose. If your work revolves around data structures, then the ability to easily link them with Python is a feature you will appreciate. With an additional option to choose between scripting and OOPS, a Python training course will show you the immense ease-of-use which the language provides by checking the majority of the code in the IDE itself.
  7. Simple Automation: Traditional scripting languages are not easy to leverage for task automation. A lot of code has to be written and checked before sending it into production. Python, on the other hand, makes automating boring tasks quite easy and quick. If you are using UNIX and want to check whether your application is receiving messages over UDP you will be hard-pressed to find a command in UNIX to do that. Instead, with a Python module, you can write a utility code within 10 minutes to intercept UDP messages hitting your application.
  8. Popularity: Python has already won the hearts of millennials due to its simplicity and ease-of-use. Although AI projects and advanced forecasting algorithms will need some knowledge of math and robotics along with an experienced programmer, a beginner will not find it too difficult and a Python training and certification can surely smoothen the learning curve.

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For developers and programmers who already work on Java or C, learning Python will not just make you a multi-faceted programmer but will also give you a powerful weapon in your arsenal to write valid and clean scripts and open doors for you across the Machine Learning and AI space.

So, why wait any longer? Check out the Python training certifications available online!

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