Why You Should Use Press Release As Part Of Your SEO?

press-release-seo-strategy-2015Most of us spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to dominate Google in the light of the new algorithm changes. There is nothing wrong with this if you have already done everything possible to get your site ranking. Unfortunately, many people miss out on one vital part of SEO, which is press releases. It is something you can’t afford to ignore as you prepare your digital marketing strategy for 2015.

Press releases are powerful; when you don’t churn them out unnecessarily. You can positively improve your SEO by writing properly crafted press releases infused with the right keywords. You don’t have to write them yourself if you don’t know how, but here is a good article on how to write press releases from The Guardian.

Link Building by Click Intelligence, and other top companies, has been focusing on press releases for some time as a part of the overall strategy. Press releases generally work like blog posts. The only difference is the language used and the fact that they are loaded on the website of a newspaper, or media outlet, instead of an actual blog. When people search using the keywords infused in your release, Google will lead them to the press release and this will end up bringing them to your site. If you have a story to tell then there is massive pulling power in a well-written press release.

Here is an example

You have a company that is producing new English Premier League based toys for children, and you have decided to give out some of the new products to a number of kids in the UK and abroad. The next thing you should do is to write a powerful press release for it.

The writing must be eye catching, because they average press release only gets a glance to attract attention. If it is a fail, most people won’t go beyond the first paragraph. You also need to avoid using words carelessly, or the editors will not okay your release for publishing.

As you write a press release for the product, you should include keywords like football, EPL, Barclays Premier League, and so forth. On completion, you have to think of where to send it. The majority of newspapers have online platforms so even if you submit to a local office of The Daily Mail, it is possible that it will get picked up and a story made of it. However, the best bet is to submit to newswires online, or a similar service. They will distribute the press release to a wider audience than you can touch alone. Don’t forget to have a copy of the release on your website.

Does it work?

The internet is vast so if you are not constantly putting your business all over the place, you may get lost in the crowd. Proper utilisation of press releases in your SEO will help you avoid falling off. Be sure to use keywords that actually make sense for your niche. In our example, a Premier League club looking to see what the public think about the EPL may run into your press release and be impressed by your project. If they decide to talk about your business on their official page with a link to your website, that’s more exposure than you would likely have received in 3 months through a paid advert!

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