15 Wonderful Free Icon Sets

15 wonderful free icon setsYour choice of an icon set can make or break your interface in terms of impressing clients and creating a fun, creative frontend for your web project. Whether you’re building a website, app, or blog, you need to install an elegant, well-designed icon set to enhance your design and give users a great first impression. Check out this 15 wonderful free icon sets that you can use on any web project.

1. Captain Icon

The Captain Icon set of over 350 web icons will get you started on any site or app. This set includes creative sketched icons depicting animals, comic book characters, food and other trending imagery. Use this set for navigation icons or conversational, emoji-style conversational icon purposes.

2. IconMonstr

IconMonstr contains over 3000 free icons for apps and other web projects. This set is unique in that all of the icons are made using a minimalist, black and white design. This works great for low-key themes and templates, and flat-designed websites with a focus on content.

3. One-Line Icons

These icons were designed with startups in mind. They are free and of simple design; each one created using a single line. This icon package is great for extreme minimalist design and lightweight web applications.

4. Dashel

This set of wonderfully colored and designed icons contains over 45 icon files for use on any site. This package contains tech, computer, and business related icons that work great for startups and tech businesses. There are charts, graphs, hardware and office equipment among these designs.

5. Vintage Icons

These vintage-style icons are perfect for any blog or website that discusses retro-gaming, entertainment, fashion or other trendy topics. They are wonderfully designed and look great on any light or pastel color scheme.

6. Flat Superheros

The Flat Superheros icon set is free and amazingly designed. This icon set contains general hero-type character to represent any mood, character or function on your app or site. These make great choices for avatars and thumbnails, as well. This is a great choice for those with Joomla hosting, as they work will with CMS and make a great addition to any design portfolio.

7. Social Icons

Socialico Pack is an icon set for social media buttons. It includes icons for Facebook, Twitter and over 12 other social networking websites. This icon pack makes it easy for your users to share your content to various social platforms.

8. Icons for Marketing

If you’re doing any sort of web marketing you need a great marketing-based icon set. This free collection of business and marketing icons will complete any web project in need of icons depicting graphs, calculators, money, and other business images. This icon set contains over 100 EPS, SVG, and PNG files.

9. Metro Windows-Style Icons

This icon pack contains 800 web and app icons that favor the Windows 8 and 10 interface design. The icons here are flat and colorful, and well designed to fulfill any web project needs. The Metro Style icons in this set include settings, folder, desktop, display and other software and computing-related icons.

10. SEO Icons

These icons were designed for SEO websites and related needs. There are 50 icons in this free pack, including symbols for email, messaging, currency, travel, texting and sound. The icons in this free pack come in 5 different colors to compliment the color scheme of any website.

11. Google Material Icons

This icon set contains 900 icons for the Google Material framework. They can be used on any website or app platform. The icons found in this pack look great in Android apps and mobile sites, and include phone-related icons like the Android symbol, keypads, and Wi-Fi logos.

12. The Noun Project

The Noun Project is a collaborative icon set that allows a diverse group of designers to create a single, unified set of matching icons. With a strict style guide in place and dozens of designers you can be sure to maximize your icon options on any web project. This is the perfect choice for designers with Joomla hosting, since it provides virtually limitless options for icon usage across multiple sites and platforms.

13. Kvasir Icon Set

The Kvasir icon set contains 180 web icons in multiple colors. These icons are a refreshing change in pace from the flat icons used on many modern apps. This icon set has dozens of icons that make great navigation buttons including compasses, settings bars, and social network icons.

14. Lynny Icons

These wonderfully designed web icons are made with flat one color technique that is easy to customize for different color schemes. The default blue colors will work well on most websites and won’t interfere with your flat design. This is a great pick for those with HTML websites and basic web hosting, since they can be used virtually anywhere on a site’s frontend or in message-bot pop up conversations.

15. Blunicons

This free icon set from Graphic Burger contains over 60 icons for use on your next website or application. This set is created using blue-only icons with a minimalist design. They work well on flat interfaces, which are trendy on today’s web.

Having a wonderful icon set such as the ones on this list can enhance your design and unify the theme and navigation of your site or app. Well-designed web icons work to give your users a great experience, and show that your project was designed with care. Install one of these icon sets for free today to easily improve the appearance of your next project.

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