25 Best WordPress Themes to Startup Your Blogging Journey in 2017

25 best wordpress themes to startup your blogging journey in 2017If you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you can extrapolate the same for themes, and you definitely shouldn’t judge a theme from its price tag. There are hundreds, if not thousands of premium themes available in the market that promise to do a lot, while a lot of themes deliver on the made promises, many yet do not even qualify for even being a basic WordPress theme. So, before you invest your hard earned money into buying a theme for your website, you must look for more feasible options that necessarily do not break the bank.

Many free themes are so feature bundled, functional and flexible that they even give the premium themes a run for their money. The only problem with free themes though is that there are plenty of such themes available that hint at doing so much but when it comes to delivering, only some do justice. The solution to that very problem is to find a comprehensive list of best themes that not only are good but are so great that people may confuse them with the premium ones. That is exactly what this post is all about, In this post, we have collected only the 25 Best Free WordPress Themes, one of which, we are sure you will find great enough to dip your toes in before you go pro.

1. SociallyViral Free

sociallyviral free min

If your website deals with content that qualifies for being viral, then you must equip it with a theme that enhances its social presence, that’s exactly where SociallyViral Free comes in. This theme is built with engaging, fast design that is bound to boost viral traffic. It is one of the best responsive free WordPress themes that you can use to set up a viral website. While you get increased traffic from social media sites, the theme’s search engine optimisation means that your content will rank higher on search engine results page.

2. GridBlog

gridblog min

This one is bundled with so many features that you will easily confuse it with a premium theme. The theme packs in a beautiful, modern and highly unique grid-based layout that is ideal for content heavy blogs.

3. Point

point min

If responsiveness and flexibility are high on your list, then Point has got you covered with all its features and design elements that are bound to attract attention to your website. It is certainly one of the best WordPress blog themes to make your online presence sharp and exclusive. The theme also gives you access to advanced options panel that you can use to choose multiple site layouts, backgrounds and color schemes as well as control specific features of the theme.

4. OnePress

onepress min

This theme has a flexible and creative design that mostly makes it great for business, portfolio, digital agency, product showcase and freelancer websites.

5. ShopIsle

shopisle min

ShopIsle is a pretty basic theme that has been built to handle all the needs of an online store and it does so effectively by giving you access to all the essential features and functions that you will need to bring your website to the forefront. The theme provides you with a fresh perspective on how to use things and gives you an opportunity to dip your toes in before you grow pro.

6. Sydney

sydney min

With Sydney, you get access to all the construction blocks to create an engaging front page rapidly. The theme is very powerful and creates a fast way to engage your visitors if you are building a website for a company, or you are just a savvy freelancer. Some of the many customization options that this theme provides include Google Fonts, full-color control, layout control, logo upload, full-screen slider, header image, sticky navigation and much more.

7. SimpleShift

simpleshift min

This theme is perfect for businesses of all sizes and across all domains just because of its stunning design and awesome flexibility. Although the theme is multi-purpose, it particularly suits retail shops and large creative agencies.

8. Pixova Lite

pixova lite min

Pixova Lite is one of the most famous free themes of 2016 and it is so because of many features it offers, that includes the all awesome parallax scrolling. The theme has a one-page design and is rated five stars on WordPress.org, which is quite understandable because of the slew of top-end features it offers, that include featured unlimited, randomised header images, a portfolio area, pie charts, contact form, blog and many more customization options.

9. Ribbon

ribbon min

This theme is perfect for all the general purpose blogs and also for niche websites. That is because the theme presents a dual colour scheme, plenty of white spaces to pad your content and all the premium feature you would expect from a top-notch theme. You can use the premium WordPress plugins to enhance the features of this theme.

10. Portal

portal min

Portal has features that give the premium themes a run for their money, some of the features include responsive layout, search engine optimisation, custom widgets and much more. The theme is pretty simple and has a magazine style that can be used for any website as well as for a content rich blog.

11. AccessPress Parallax

accesspress parallax min

The most laudable feature of this theme is its parallax scrolling effect that adds that 3D design element to your website, making it look more immersive and unique. This feature and other similar feature make it possible for you to attract more visitors to your website’s interactive and engaging design.

12. Construction

construction min

Although this theme has been designed to handle all the business needs of a construction site, its elegant and flexible design makes it equally great for multi-purpose websites including business, corporate, eCommerce and even personal and other creative agencies. The theme is well optimised and powerful and offers unlimited customizations, powerful support, top-notch beautiful design and loads of impressive features.

13. Oblique

oblique min

If you are into minimalism and want something that takes care of your fashion and general blogging needs while staying simple, Oblique is your best bet. The theme has a very elegant design and unique layout in addition to having a slide-out menu along with the sidebar and the search bar.

14. ColorMag

colormag min

ColorMag uses two beautiful design elements to bring charm to your website; they include Color options and Magazine style. These two features make it great for news, magazine, newspaper, publishing, business and any site.

15. Parallax One

parallax one min

Looking for something creative to power your equally creative business? Parallax One has got you covered with its awesome design embellishments and advanced features, which includes the all familiar and impeccable parallax scrolling.

16. Great

great min

Great will make your website achieve the greatness in any niche you wish to use it for; that includes traditional magazine-styled websites. The theme gives you access to clean and minimalistic design options and is optimised to help your blog stand out from the rest of the crowd.

17. Astrid

astrid min

This theme is aimed to promote any business, and it does so with its creative design and functional features that are there to help you take your business to the next level. Some of the many features that are waiting for you to use include, color options, theme fonts, full-width header image, custom widgets, blog options and many other interesting and useful features.

18. Groovy

groovy min

Groovy has been made for bloggers who want a clean and elegant design to impress their visitors and then keep them coming back for more. The blog maximises page views, ad revenues and has other features to provide the best user experience.

19. Spacious

spacious min

Designed with a lot of love and care, this feature rich theme is incredibly spacious and coded with best languages to be used for business, portfolio, blogging or any site for that matter.

20. Latte

latte min

The best part about Latte theme is that you can use the inbuilt WordPress Customizer to edit and change almost every element on your website. The theme is very easy to customise and comes bundled with premium features like services section, portfolio, maps, contact form, testimonials, pricing tables and more.

21. Bento

bento min

Bento is ready to provide you with all the options that you will need to create and then customise a multi-purpose website. The theme is packed with features and is incredibly easy to use and is built with quality and design that can be easily confused for being premium.

22. Unicon

unicon min

Unicon is based on live customizer that allows you to alter the design of your website and also embed multiple options into it. The theme is search engine optimised and translation ready and offers features that let you work effortlessly on your content more and worry about everything else less.

23. Pinboard

pinboard min

Pinboard is based on the all familiar design of Pinterest and takes all the design cues and psychological triggers from the theme to help you increase traffic to your website and also increase click conversions. The grid layout and lots of other built-in options on top of unlimited backgrounds and color schemes that make it suitable for almost every type of website, across all niches.

24. Playbook

playbook min

This free theme includes a bunch of premium features like search engine optimisation, custom widgets and a professional grade options panel that lets you customise almost everything. The theme sports a dual column post layout and a fully responsive design that looks great on any device your visitors use.

25. DualShock

dualshock min

If you can take only one theme from this list, Dual Shock is the one you should try with its flexible features that make it great for dual purpose blog and magazine. Some of the many features that make it unique include a top options panel, custom widgets, translations readiness and search engine optimisation.

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