4 Web Design Blunders That Can Cost You in the Form of Lost Customers

4-web-design-blunders-that-can-cost-you-in-the-form-of-lost-customersAlthough it is true that building a website can be intimidating and daunting, yet the real challenge lies in making your website usable. The main problem is that majority of the web designers forget that the website was not created for them but to solve the needs and requirements of the users. They give more priority to creativity than usability and practicality.

Do you know the time that you would take to make a good impression among your online audience? Well, as per what researchers have to say, the total amount of time that you could take to make the final impression is just 50 milliseconds. Hence you should know that your website design has to gain attention and make it so fast without losing its clients and customers. Being a web designer, you need to be aware of the biggest design flaws which could break your online image and cost you dearly. Check out some of them and know how to avoid them.

Flaw #1: Where is the search box of the website?

It is needless to mention that the web is nothing but a library of information. Irrespective of whether it’s a mere blog or a corporate website, it is essential to include a search box. The visitor may search for something which is hidden somewhere deep within the website and if you have a search box, chances are high that your visitors will get whatever they’re searching for. The custom Google Search is a simple and neat way of getting started. Copy the HTML code from the control panel and paste it to your website. You’ll soon have the search function on your site.

Flaw #2: Poor legibility and readability

This is indeed a crucial part of web designing as a well designed interface design will definitely grab the attention of the users. Users should always be able to comprehend the text to be able to grasp whatever information they are looking for. Some websites utilize the strangest font styles and font size which make it a pain for the users. You can instead compare and contrast the color schemes used by other famous websites and check out how colors can boost readability.

Flaw #3: Content layout that is not organized properly

It is the content of a website which mainly drives traffic towards it. In what way the content is structures will decide whether or not the website will be a failure or a success. Unless it is extremely necessary for them, users never read. What they do is scan through information and select only the interesting points on a specific web page. Some designers who put a clock of text without headings, bullets, keywords and paragraphs are the ones who torture their users. Adding content without an organized layout is a big blunder to be avoided.

Flaw #4: Poor navigation process

You seek recommendation from the Austin Web Design firms and they will tell you how important it is to have a clear-cut navigation process. The users should find out their way easily through the pages of your website. As more and more new web designing technologies emerge, it is vital to understand that navigation is extremely consistent and necessary. If you use text as navigation, make sure it is concise and understandable. There’s no place for dead links in a webpage.

So, if you wish to convert the largest number of target audience into your valuable customers, you have to ensure avoiding the above mentioned web design flaws. The fewer are the mistakes; the better will be your impact among your audience.

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