5 Web Designing Tips to Make a Landing Page with Better Conversions

5-web-designing-tips-to-make-a-landing-page-with-better-conversionsLanding pages are great when it comes to boosting your website’s traffic and conversion rates. Typically, the ratio of number of conversions to the number of landing pages is very high. An increase of 55% is seen in the number of leads when we rile up the number of landing pages from 10 to 15, making landing pages the top tool for conversions.

And the most important factor behind this awesome performance? – The Layout

But before we dive-in further into this, first:

What’s a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone page which is distinct from your main website, yet a part of it that cannot be reached directly through internal linking. Landing pages have a singular objective, it could be either a Click through page or a Lead Generation page.

How to make a better landing page that drives more conversions?

Designing a powerful landing page that drives your conversion rates through the roof is an art. Typically you need to hire professionals for best results, and when it comes to that, website designing companies in India do the perfect job. You can choose from a variety of SEO and PPC packages available depending on your objectives regarding the landing pages.

Knowledge is power when it comes to web design. To get the best results, it is important to know some of the basics of designing a good landing page. In this article, we are sharing some of the top tips learned from web design companies in India that will help you design a page that delivers.

1. Get your point across instantly

Internet is a weird, complex and deceptive place already. It is also filed with people who are reluctant to buy, and surf primarily for two purposes – to gain information and to entertain themselves. Typically, 96% of the visitors a website receives are not ready to buy. Your job, however, is make them do it. And to do that, clarity and transparency in the message serve as great tools.

When visitors come on your website, they should immediately know about the benefits you can provide them. Your website must be able to make your unique value proposition clear. Your website must maintain clarity and transparency in all its communications.

2. Use headlines that work

You have only a couple of seconds to get your point across and compel the user to buy from you or register for your newsletters or services. A clear, compelling headline is what you need!It should also take up most space on your page. However, it is important to check if it’s working or not because what may look compelling to you may not look the same to the majority of your users. That’s why hiring professionals is better, they have the experience and know what does and what does not work; website designing company in India have mastered this art.

3. Use compelling Call-to-Actions

Call-to-Action is a great tool to push your user towards your objective. A stronger and direct call-to-action results in better conversions. An example of that would be “Download Now – Free”, a CTA used by a very popular web browser – Mozilla Firefox. According to the company, this call-to-action has significantly boosted their monthly downloads.

You can do the same by making your CTA clear, strong and direct.

4. Use Shorter forms

Nobody on the internet wants to reveal too much information about themselves, it’s a basic survival instinct. Bigger forms intimidate users and websites lose conversions and registrations.

Make sure you are using shorter forms. Design them purposefully to look even shorter than they actually are. Only ask the information about perfect website design that is absolutely necessary to your business.

5. Use supporting colour schemes

Colours play a huge role in setting up the mood. Usually, it is one thing that’s never given enough credit for the role it plays in influencing your conversion rates. Your page should look appealing and trustworthy to the user while remaining true to your product or service. Using the right scheme of colours will achieve this; subconsciously, your user will feel at ease at your page and would want to conduct business with you. You can also play with contrasting colours to make things stand out such as your forms and CTAs.

There are hundreds of techniques that can be used to give your landing page the facelift that drives conversions home. Your best bet is to hire one of the web design companies in India that offers SEO packagescovering landing pages for Form submissions, registrations etc. and PPC packages – covering landing pages for lead generation, selling etc.

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