5 Websites Which Provide Totally Free Stock Photos

web development free stock photosLike most business owners, you probably want your design work to be astounding. Fortunately, finding the most spectacular stock photos will answer all your needs on a budget. The internet is filled with a wide variety of databases which provide free stock photos for designing your marketing campaigns or website. Free photo resources are awesome, as you don’t need to dig deep into your pocket to purchase stock photos which may eventually become unappealing. Also, using common photos for your work may be demeaning to the consumers of your products.  That’s why it is important to know the best website databases to provide you with amazing unique stock photos.

Recently, there has been an increasing number of databases on the internet that are providing gorgeous and attractive free stock photo database for all your needs. The best thing about free photographs is that they don’t have any copyright restrictions, as they are licensed by the Creative Common Licensing Board. This allows you to modify, copy, perform and share the photographs for your personal or commercial purpose without any restrictions.

Below, I have researched five of the best options and provided you with top-notch websites which will provide you with totally free stock pictures within any industry you are interested in. These websites include the following:

1. StockSnap.io

This is a website filled with gorgeous free photos photographed with a high resolution for all your industry needs. StockSnap.io makes identification of your preferred photos through the provision of a convenient search toolbar which enables you to go through the thousands of free stock photos available to you. Also, the photo database provides the most searched and downloaded images for you to identify the most common photos on the website. The best thing about this website is that new photos are added daily which are licensed accordingly.

2. Pexels

This is another amazing free stock photo database which is involved in the provision of totally free photos which are properly licensed by the Creative Commons Licensing Board. The photos are properly tagged with their corresponding industries, easily searchable and discoverable through the handy discover pages on the website.

3. Unsplash

This is also an amazing website that I would highly recommend for you to acquire your free stock photos. It offers a variety of collections of high-resolution images for almost all the industries online. It has recently been the darling of many people as the technical team of the website ensures frequent submission of new photos that are designed with high innovativeness on the websites home page. The photos are fully licensed and available for free to anybody.

4. Burst

This is an amazing free stock database managed by Shopify which has a plethora of photos for any entrepreneur. All photos within this database are licensed, but not all by the same licensing board. Some of the photos are licensed by the Creative Commons Licensing Board while others are licensed by Shopify’s free photo license. This photo database was launched with the aim of improving the quality of entrepreneur websites, products, and digital marketing roles by providing free photos. The photos are original as they are photographed in-house and designed with themes of different businesses.

5. FoodiesFeed

This website database for free stock photos offers a ton of beautifully designed photos for the food industry. The photos are available in high resolution for all your needs. This website is very widely used  in the food industry due to its site content. The photos are licensed fully by the Creative Commons Group to allow for free use, sharing and editing of the photos for any of your needs.

In conclusion,you should check out all of the best free stock photo database websites, as you will eventually be able to find outstanding photos to use for your design work for websites or advertising. Most of these websites are widely used by many designers, bloggers, and marketers as they provide cutting-edge solutions for their photo and design needs. With these websites, it’s a guarantee that you will achieve astounding solutions as you won’t have to rely on cheesy photos again for your marketing campaigns and your website.

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