A Few Nuances of Web Development Explored

webdesign-developmentThe importance of having a well designed website can hardly be undermined today – especially with the growing need for establishing online presence of brands. Web development is one of the most significant disciplines processed by IT organizations today and, budding developers should understand that it all boils down to the unbeatable combination of arts and science. If you are brilliant with the technical aspects of web designing but are not really ideally creative to come up with an impeccable site layout and vice versa, then you probably are not bringing the right mix forward.

So, what exactly would you need to learn about the nuances of web design? Read on to find out.

Web Development: A Few Facts

Quite “dangerously” website development is a task which has come to be regarded as very easy by some of the individuals out there, given the fact that there are so many companies engaged in offering relevant services. In reality, it’s not actually so. Depending on the nature of the business you are heading – accounting, inventory, payment procedure, customer relationship management and customer support are some of the processes that should all swing in to action once customer transaction is commenced and completed. The website that you are going to create would be vital to the management of all these procedures. The core team of your company should be able to integrate business objectives with the website technology in order to deliver results.

WordPress and Others…

One of the primary reasons why web development has come to be viewed as such an easy practice is because of the content management systems like Joomla, WordPress and Magento etc. For instance, WordPress has been highly successful in grabbing the attention of web developers especially owing to the fact that the utility of this platform goes beyond just “blogging” and “content management systems” but to offering power packed database oriented applications which run within the framework of the browser.

Developers are gradually getting to know what WordPress (which comes with features such as those listed below), can actually do for them:

  • Core application layer with several hooks which can be taken advantage of
  • Efficiency to tackle a range of tasks related to server side, client side, administrator facing and user face
  • Flexible data schema backed by a powerful database

To put it short, WordPress offers you the best attributes of a foundation and a framework at the same time. While the framework enables developers to build or create an application the foundation enables you to extend the same (i.e. the application).

It is very important to understand the significance of making the correct choice of a web developer to steer your commercial ambitions. As already mentioned above, there is no dearth of web developers around. A casual web search in this regard might leave you with an overwhelming number of choices. However, not all will offer equally satisfying web hosting or designing services. Web hosting is nothing but an internet hosting service that enables you to make your site accessible to users via World Wide Web.

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About the author

Alex Lvovych is a freelance writer, entrepreneur and professional web developer. He spent ten years managing websites for various large ukrainian companies, doing everything from front-end development and user interface design to content strategy and project management.


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