Content Mistakes That Appear When Creating eCommerce Sites

content-mistakes-that-appear-when-creating-ecommerce-sitesCreating an ecommerce website automatically limits the amount of SEO work that you can do. It is easy to end up with sub-par results because of the fact that the entire website is going to include features that are not connected with the regular ones like blogs or company websites.

Some of the most common mistakes done with ecommerce website search engine optimization are connected with content. Let us simply look at the very common content mistakes and understand how they can be avoided.

Having Too Little Content On Product Pages

Let’s say that you sell yoga caps. In this case you would normally have a page that would present the cap that is available, with minor information provided like material, price and shipping details. This is normally not enough. The difficult that the ecommerce site platform brings in is a really low amount of unique content on many of the product pages. This is not beneficial for rankings since most of the ecommerce site pages will seem similar to the search engines.

What you have to do is make sure that you have more content that is present on every single product page. This is something that will take a lot of time but it is really beneficial on the long run. Just take a quick look at The website basically shows you exactly how product pages should be built for ecommerce websites. Browse along and you will see a lot of content added. That is what you have to do.

Improper Contact Pages Or Lack Of Contact Pages

You want to always have a contact page on the ecommerce website. If the page does not exist, your customers will see the site as being a shop that should not actually be trusted. Try to add as much information as possible about the company behind the website and even the services offered. A really common mistake with the sites is that the contact and about pages are simply too short and do not offer much data. Talk about the store’s mission and basically do all that you can in order to highlight why people should trust the company as a real business.

Not Having A Blog

The fact that we talk about an ecommerce website does not mean that the presence of a blog should not be taken into account. When such a website is run, the problem is normally that pages tend to change way too rarely. It is really important that pages are often visited by search engine robots. This is a lot easier to do when updates are often done.

When you have a blog that is associated with the website, fresh content makes it so much easier to rank higher and faster in search engines. Do build a site and maintain it. Then, add a blog. That will help you out a lot at the end of the day.

On the whole, you need to be sure that you always remain focused on everything that is associated with the content present on the ecommerce website.

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