Cybersecurity: An Important Piece of the Puzzle in Internet Security

cybersecurity-an-important-piece-of-the-puzzle-in-internet-securityTo make the public aware of how important it is to have cybersecurity protecting their information, two internet security companies known as Black Hat and DEFCON joined forces to host one of the largest conferences on hacking. Hackers are constantly on the prowl seeking whom and what they can devour and so getting a reliable internet security to protect your information as well as computer is a necessary way to go. Hackers are real and some of them can be very dangerous as well.

Both companies made it clear that cyberattacks are still on the rise and they present a clear and present danger to companies as well as individuals. The following information was what came out at the conference.


Hackers can target just about anything on the web, whether it is a connected Wi-Fi rifle, an electric car from Tesla, a brinks safe or a skateboard that is electric, an hacker can demonstrate his or her abilities easily. Regardless of what a hacker steals, where he or she strikes, and when the attack comes, cyberattacks will not go away so easily.

Two areas of concern that internet users are taking seriously have to do with protecting information in contents and videos. Companies that offer extension connect to the public are likely to see an increase in customer demand.

The introduction of software has placed a greater role on functionality and productivity than security do. In the past, many persons depend on software to increase the productivity of their website and not spend much time trying to deter hackers from stealing from them. However, since cyberattacks are becoming more rampant these days, companies and individuals are losing billions of dollars and thus the public is now placing a strong emphasis on how important it is to have cybersecurity working for them.

Stopping the hacker should be the focus

Today, cybersecurity is focusing on learning where the attack is coming from and how to recover from an attack. However, the focus should be on how to prevent those attacks from happening in the first place. After all, as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”, still stands.

The messaging units that work with software are what cyber attackers are using to get away with their crimes. The computer industry needs to focus on developing technologies that can prevent this information from reaching hackers and this action can be carried out if technologies streamline those messages into the ecosystem.


Black Hat and DEFCON are showing to the world that cyberattacks are becoming more deadly and we have to do something about it before it gets worst. If the problem is not dealt with, then people need to stop placing billions of digital information on the web that can later harm them.

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