Exploring the Connections between HTML and SEO

html seo tips guidesWhen most people think of search engine optimization (SEO), they also think of HTML, a unique language that gives webpages structure. It is crucial to combine both SEO and HTML together to ensure a high ranking website in the search engine results. HTML is utilized to various parts of a webpage, including the heading, images and special links. Below, you will discover the connection between HTML and search engine optimization and so much more.

Test.html Tab

A unique tab known as test.html utilizes a special code, with various characters and letter. If you are unfamiliar with this language, you will need to do more research on HTML basics, which can be found on just about any SEO website. You can also hire an SEO marketer to do the work for you, if you do not have time to invest in the research, because the process can be rather complicated.

Once the code is written, it is up to the Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome to transform it in test.html, so the webpage will be recognizable. By following the precise HTML syntax, the browser will be able to layout the page appropriately.

Understanding The Meaning Of SEO

By now, you are probably asking yourself, “What exactly is SEO?” Well, SEO is an acronym that stands for search engine optimization. It is basically the process of getting your website ranked on search engine results. For instance, if you go to Google and search for what is SEO a list of websites are going to appear in a certain order. Every search engine ranks websites and videos based on what the search engine considers to be the most relevant to the person searching. There are different techniques and processes that make the search engine consider certain websites more relevant than others. These processes and techniques are known as SEO.

Understanding Header Tags

When you see the headline of any webpage, you are actually looking at what is known as the header tag. When you go behind the scenes and look at the tag it is simply a HTML code that makes up the header. Certain HTML codes can make the header appear in bold text, different font, and even different colored text. When you see sub headings on a webpage these are also known as header tags, but they are one step down and use H2 tags rather than H1 tags. These headers are keys way to identify certain sections of your website. Search engines often times uses these headers to rank the relevance of your website.

META Description

While the META description does not have any influences on SEO any more, but it is still wise to use it. This is a short description or overview of the webpage, which will appear on the search engine results page. All Internet users, searching for a topic that is relevant to your webpage content, will be able to view and read the META description without actually visiting your website. It is extremely helpful, so you should definitely include it with every webpage.

Closing Tag

The closing tag is similar to the opening tag, with the only difference being a forward slash that is placed in front of the element name. The forward slash indicates where the element ends. If you fail to include a closing tag in the content, it can lead to some very strange results. Many beginners forget to do this, so as a beginner you will not make the same mistake after reading this article.

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