Five Ways to Win the Internet Marketing Game on a Tight Budget

five-ways-to-win-the-internet-marketing-game-on-a-tight-budgetAs the internet increasingly becomes saturated with content and website owners scramble to get their voice heard the loudest, it is becoming tougher to implement effective strategies. Be wise, don’t resort to black hat SEO tactics or even grey hat SEO tactics, internet marketing is all about brand management and advertising with a little SEO and social media tossed in. What you need to stand out isn’t so much SEO as it is a visually appealing website with client serving content that pinpoints your exact target market with bull’s-eye accuracy. Getting attention doesn’t have to be dramatic, it has to be a steady set of effective activities over time. Here are five ways to rock your internet marketing plan:

1. Get Endorsed

Whether this is from someone famous or by using affiliate marketing to have others spread the word for you, do something newsworthy to get mentioned by a celebrity or by the masses and let them do the work for you. Do something worthy of honest, positive feedback about your brand.

2. Utilise Social Media to Its Fullest

Don’t just passively allow your content to auto-post using social media scheduling programs. Instead, follow tutorials for the successful use of LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter and then rock your networks with the free useful information they seek.

3. Get Others to Publish You

Whether this entails your content being published on a nationally syndicated website or you get someone to write a review about your products or services, just get other people talking about your company and good things will happen. You may even sponsor a giveaway using your product.

4. Create Visuals

Remember that graphs and videos sell, as do podcasts. Don’t just rely on product images and text content to sell your business. Get videos, infographics, and podcasts going about your products, services, and even business interests, or simply solve problems for your niche market without mentioning your products and services at all.

5. Give Something Away

Write a book, and e-book, a manual, or simply a thank you item for buying from your company. Give away your free e-book with newsletter subscriptions, product sales, and more. Use your free books for lead generation by uploading to Amazon or publishing to Kindle. Use your books to solve problems your chosen industry serves and watch the new clients roll right in.

Internet Marketing is Easier than Most Think

With the right content marketing tools at your disposal, you can rock your online marketing and be seen and heard without resorting to the same tactics as the masses. If you are pressed for time, consider hiring a ghost writer to write your content and e-books or hire a virtual assistant to manage your videos and podcasts. Remember to get others to spread your word in a genuinely hopeful way and the efforts will become self-perpetuated.

Start your online marketing process above and become more effective by asking yourself “what problems can I solve without selling anything?” once you learn to solve your market niche’s problems without selling to them, your products and services should sell themselves.

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