5 Best Practices to Boost Your Online Presence

best practices to boost your online presence
Every business owner today knows that an online presence is a must-have in order to keep up with the competition. However, it’s not always easy to determine just what that online presence should look like – which techniques will significantly boost your bottom line and which are just a waste of time. Simply throwing money at your online marketing portfolio won’t necessarily yield positive results; you’ll need to determine which online properties make the most sense for your company in your situation.

One surefire way to increase visitors to your site revolves around search engine optimization. That’s the practice of boosting the ranking of your site with the most popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! And the like. There’s a plethora of firms that can help you do this, including over the top SEO. Beyond that, here are five best practices regarding your online presence:

Here’s 5 strategy to increase your site visibility

Create an Effective website

You want a site that best presents what you can do for your target market. In most cases, this means a short, slick video touting your products or services as well as more detailed information attractively presented to keep the visitor moving along your sales path. These days, your site must be easy to view on all kinds of devices, from smartphones to tablets to computers. You’re also going to want to ensure that your site employs tried and true techniques to make it more accessible to search engines as well as internet users of all abilities.

Employ Social media

Everyone knows about the power of social media these days. When it comes to brand promotion and marketing, social media is incredibly influential. Focus on two or three channels, and maintain a constant presence. Utilize the full potential of these channels by posting quality photos and cool videos, along with informative content that cements your feed as something your prospects look forward to seeing every day. Respond to comments and have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to express your passion for what you do; both existing and prospective customers will appreciate it. Above all, don’t let your presence lapse because once that happens, it’s more difficult to regain your following. Social media can make or break your brand.


In order to increase the credibility, influence and visibility of your brand, create a blog and make posts regularly. Your customers enjoy reading about your new activities as well as the trends in your industry and your take on them. Though it can be a good idea to outsource your blog maintenance, make sure your posts remain at a high level of quality. A once-great blog that suddenly goes downhill can hurt your brand

Increase your traffic with advertisements

You can drive traffic to your website and increase your online presence using search engine advertisements. You can set your ad to appear whenever a search engine user enters certain key words, and You’ll pay a set amount whenever anyone clicks on it and goes through to your site. Make sure you have a powerful landing page so that when a prospect comes upon your site, they’re immediately impressed by what you offer.

Create And Maintain A Email List

If you offer specialized products or services that require a significant investment, email can be a highly effective method of prompting your prospects to finally make the decision to buy from you. Offer a free report containing information or tips that you know your target audience will find helpful. Then harness this email list by providing informative content every few days while making the case that these people absolutely cannot be without what you offer. If feasible, get them comfortable buying from you by offering an inexpensive item; then work your way up to your flagship product or service.

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