How to Choose an Effective Traffic-Maximising Domain Name (with SEO Advantages)

how-to-choose-an-effective-traffic-maximising-domain-name-with-seo-advantagesHopefully you’re seeing this before you’ve gone out there and put your extensive blogging or website plans into action. Perhaps you’re not. Are you in that boat of having already got going with a less-than-satisfying domain name, inevitably now still struggling to get noticed and suffering the consequences of nobody coming to your site?

That’s what happens when you spend little to no time choosing an effective domain name. It can come back and bite you on the bottom. Still it’s not too late. A quick content migration to something more snappy can set you straight back on the right path.

As for how to choose said domain here are a few pointers.

Easy to Spell and Read

People want an easy life. The same goes for domain names they can hear someone mention and then head straight to a browser to hit said page up.

Make it tricky to spell or even more difficult to type and you’re on a rocky road. Trim it down, make it as phonetic as possible and, most of all, make it easy to guess how to spell by only having to hear it once.

Dot-Com Over Anything Else

We now live in a world seemingly full of crazy web domain extensions. Don’t fall into the trap of getting something with a strange sounding suffix just because you thought it looked cool. The web is still dot-com dominated and going for a domain of that type should be a predominant concern of yours over anything else. Check if your desired .com is available here:

Search Words

Did you forget to think about your audience when selecting your domain name? Big mistake.

Always keep in mind the kind of search terms or words people are likely to jam into Google in order to find the type of content, products or services your site offers. Are you a furniture making company? Probably best to at least include the word ‘furniture’ somewhere in your domain name.

The amount of domains that simply forget to mention or indicate what they might be about in their domain name is still quite astonishing.


Don’t look to rip off other domain names or pivot off something similar sounding. You could set yourself up for frustrating a lot of non-returning visitors, or worse, copyright infringement. Instead go for something unique that still keeps in mind all the factors mentioned above.

Unique doesn’t have to look like it’s dropped out of the sky. Only that it doesn’t look strangely similar to other famous or well-known domain names out there.


Most people don’t have the mental capacity to remember more than several characters at once, so don’t force them to put that to the test. Forget an ever-expanding and unfurling domain name and instead seek to make it as concise and short as you can. Not forgetting that it also indicates what you’re about of course.

Domain Search Tools

Last but not least? Remember that you can use impartial sites like DomJax to search for domain name availability without having to run through registrars themselves. Not feeling pressured into going with a particular host or registrar is quite crucial to making good decisions when it comes to selecting a name. Afterward, of course, once you know it’s available, you can then run to your registrar of choice to get going.

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