How to Create a New Blog – Why to Go for Free Blogging Platforms?

how to create a new blog why to go for free blogging platformsFree blogging platforms are first choice of people who are looking forward their career in blogging. When you search on the internet about “how to create a blog” then get content which tell you the procedure and ways to create a blog but knowing about platform is also an important part of blog creation. Also, free blogging platforms are even consider by the professionals and because of the following reasons:

You will not have to empty your wallet

In the online world, you will get many things for free and so is the case with blogging platform. Blogging is like a gambling in which you do not ascertain your success and thus many people hesitate to invest money on it. Because of this, free blogging options are available and thus required a very little to no money in it. So, you can try blogging thing and if it works then you will be going to rock but if it is not that you will not regret for it because of its free nature.

Audience reach

When something is available for free then millions of people will go for it and thus free blogging platform is the first thing in it. To create a new blog, daily millions of people visit this platform and WordPress is top in this list as the number of people visit on this website is huge. Also, for making your blog popularly you will need crowd and thus such platforms are the best place to divert crowd to your website. Through it you can create millions of followers of your blog and make more money.

User friendly

There are many creative people out there but they all are not technical and because of this free blogging platform are famous. These websites are created in a way that everyone will face no problem while they use them. Besides this, when you pay for such platform then they have to be very technical and this thing bother many people. These free platforms offer you to show your skills and technical thing will not stop you as a barrier.

Offer flexibility in designs

When you do not have time for making your own designs and templates then ready made things seems to be a life savior. It is very true that in free blogging platforms customization options are limited but they exist. Platforms like WordPress offers templates in which you can do all the creative work and make your blog more beautiful and eye-catching.


Without social media you will not able to make your blog famous. These free platforms offer social medial option regarding your blogs and thus you can use facebook, twitter etc. These social buttons help you to connect with your friends and world and tell about your blogs to them.

Above benefits are only offered by the free blogging platforms and you can proceed for the paid platform when you will see bright future in blogging. But before it just know all the things about as how to create a new blog and then move further in this field.

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