5 Ways to Improve Your Website In 2020

5 ways to improve website 2020
Very few people succeed in doing something perfectly the first time.

And in relation to sites, this rule is also quite true – it is never too late to improve even the best website that was made by a good custom software development company. And there is always an answer to the question of what exactly to improve it.

To make this task easier for you, we have compiled a list of basic ways of how exactly this can be done. And you can be sure – at least one of the items on this list will be relevant for almost any site on the Internet.

1. Technical Audit

The site can be compared to a private house – you always need to monitor the performance of all systems and there is always a need to fix something or fix something.

Therefore, an audit of the technical condition of any project must be carried out regularly.

It is always better if you were the first to notice the error, and not visitors or search engine robots.

2. Design Update

You’ve probably heard the saying that “content is king”.

Quite right.

website design update 2020
But the appearance of the site plays an equally important role, especially if you work with Bitcoin trading. Research on bounce rate and conversion efficiency shows that a site’s visual appeal has a significant impact on its value.

And given the fact that you don’t have much time to create a positive impression, this is worth taking care of.

3. Adaptation for Mobile Devices

Technology has matured enough to provide mobile users with an experience that is not much different from that of desktop devices, you don’t need to offer it only if you represent the best desktop wallets. Websites are also an important part of this evolution.

And it is extremely important that on mobile devices your site is convenient and easy to navigate, regardless of which screen you are viewing it from.

If you are not sure if your site displays well enough on mobile, you can use special tools to test usability on different screen sizes.

4. Boost Loading Speed

If your website pages load slowly, this negatively affects everything – bounce rate, conversion rate, and more recently even ranking.

Page loading speed has become one of the ranking factors, and you can already find cases on the web about how changing this parameter alone had a positive effect on the positions of the promoted site.

5. Content Improvement

One of those areas in which there is always something to improve and refine.

Unique high-quality content that reveals the topic and provides sufficient completeness to the user’s request has always been highly appreciated by search engines.

content optimization for website
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A large, well-formatted article written in clear language will receive a higher ranking in search results than a hasty news article. And one more important point – you need to write regularly, even if you publish only one article, do it at least once a week.

You can improve the content on your website or online store in the following ways:

  • rework existing materials, supplementing them and making them more voluminous and informative;
  • add unique text to category pages, product cards;
  • structure texts using formatting elements (subheadings, lists, highlighting, etc.);
  • add images and videos to the text;
  • order review and proofreading from a professional editor;
  • improve readability by changing the background color or font size.

And one more thing that is often forgotten – strive to speak the same language with clients, without complicating it.

Perhaps the mention of professional terms and jargon seems normal to you, but not the fact that it will be understandable to a person who is not an expert in your field.

A few years ago, the owner of the company only had to create a business card site consisting of several pages to take a place at the top in his region. Now, to stay ahead of the competition is not enough.

It is necessary not only to make a website but to make it well and constantly work on improving it for users and bringing it in line with the actual requirements of search engines.

So do not skimp on quality, and if necessary, do less, but better.

This investment always pays off.

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