How to Increase Traffic to Your Website Organically

website traffic tips guidesYour website is your round-the-clock employee who represents your business in online world. If you want to stand out among billions of websites built every year to get your share of attention from your target audience, you need to be something extra ordinary in your offering. As it is quite evident that the basic work of internet is to provide information, so the first thing your website need to do is to provide that information, correct and precise, to your consumer and see traffic flowing in. what all other important things you can do to make your website get maximum hits, let’s find out.

1. Make Appearance in Social Media

A viral post is ten times more powerful than that billboard spot you got after spending millions. So, leveraging the popularity of social media is one of the basic things you can do to drive traffic to the website. It can be done by adding hashtag to the posts so that information consumers can find you in all relevant platforms. You can also make it a point to write regularly and create landing pages with interesting call to actions to post on social media, especially around special occasions to cash the excitement of festivity for generating traffic.

2. Email Marketing

You can launch an email marketing campaign to reach the audience. Email marketing is a no non-sense way of increasing website traffic as you put across relevant information to the end users through newsletters, online catalogue, posts about new arrivals and ‘how to’ posts about the relevance of your product in their lives. Thus, you keep the consumers in loop about the latest happenings at your brand and add a dash of personalization too.

3. Guest Posts

Brands need to associate with good influencers to project the image as that of a talked about entity. The association with the powerful influencers through mention in high authority sites, guest bloggers who are who’s who of your industry can do great thing for your website. You should have something unique but very useful for the consumers in your website so that the guest writers use it to add value to their posts. Guest posts can be used two ways. You can either ask the influencer to write for your blog, or you can request them to mention your website in any of the review posts they write.

4. Participating in Review Sites and Online Directories

You can also request reviewing sites to add you in their list so that people searching for relevant businesses reach you through these platforms. There are online directories also maintained by the reviewing sites which can help you drive traffic to your website.

5. On-Page SEO

In addition to all above, you must do homework. Pay focus on website content, and conduct regular audit for avoiding obsolescence from keeping in your web property. Use a good mix of short tail and long tail keywords to find a hot spot in search engines.

So, these are a few actions that can help you in driving traffic to your website organically. Make these a part of your SEO promotion activity to get the best results.

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