Make the Coming Soon Page Awesome with UnderConstructionPage Plugin

underconstructionpage pluginIn today’s socially influenced world, every piece of information is available online. In such a situation, the demands for bloggers has increased drastically. It is pretty easy to start a WordPress blog, but, with the right plugins.

In comparison to other systems, WordPress is the most use-friendly content management system available. Still, it takes a little bit of time and abilities to set up a great website.

Although publishing a fully functional blog requires a little more time and effort than just adding some plugins and themes. Hence, if you want to get in to serious business from Day 1, it is better to take your time and modify the themes and test the plugins.

That doesn’t mean that you need to delay your launch. To publish your blog right away, you need to start with the coming soon page.

A coming soon page is the best type of landing page as it will create a curiosity within the readers. You will also already have visitors waiting to read your content. A coming soon page can help you with marketing your product or taking pre-orders, if you are planning to sell something or give a particular service on your blog. It also helps you divert people to your social media handles by linking them on the coming soon page. This way you can create a larger influence and connect with your readers and brands who may be interested in working with you.

You must be wondering that, ‘Is it actually that simple to create a coming soon page?’

Well, yes. With the UnderConstruction page plugin, it is more simple and easy than ever. You do not need to know HTML or PHP or have any special skills that require coding. You do not need to spend a week in designing your coming soon page.
coming soon page

This WordPress plugin is the best solution that, I could recommend. UnderConstruction is the most popular plugin for designing your coming soon page.

They have almost 150,000 active users, and this user-friendly plugin has recently crossed a milestone of one-million downloads. Now the figure is 1,099,295+.

Free version of the plugin is very easy and efficient. It not only helps you to build an UnderConstruction page but also helps in creating Maintenance mode page, Coming Soon page or a Landing Page.

These are some of the features this plugin contains:

Google Analytics Tracking ID

It has an awesome feature which helps you to track your Google analytics if you enable the feature in your account.

More than 100+ template designs

cars blog coming soonThis particular plugin is packaged with more than hundred templates. So, all you need to do is decide on one. With this feature, there is not much to do as there will be a suitable one for your niche. Also the best part is that the extension is updated regularly and comes with a new template every time.

So, you could save a particular template now and then change it completely after a few days if you wish to.

All the templates also have a test option available for your clarity.


With the UnderConstructionPage, you can easily change the access options. Whether, it’s your personal blog or a business website, you would definitely want someone else to track the record.

So, this plugin allows you to quickly select specific user roles like administrators, editors, authors, etc. and whitelist them. This helps the user go around the under construction page and suggest you any flaws or changes. This is a beneficial feature.

SEO Optimization

The Another very useful feature of this plugin is SEO Optimization. Without SEO a website is nothing for good. UnderConstructionPage offers you the pages fully optimized for SEO. You will get the SEO visibility setting even in the basic version of this WordPress plugin.

User-friendly Social media connect

Social media has become an integral part in today’s life. It is hard to live without it. So, even if you are a newbie, having a twitter, Instagram or Facebook account is vital. Hence, it is a wise step to connect with your first readers on social media and keep their interest intrigued in your blog.

With the UnderConstructionsPage, you just have to provide the URL to your social media account and the plugin will divert your readers to your account. It will not only prepare the icons but also place them according to the theme.

The best part is that they are connected to almost all of the channels. From Pinterest, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram and a lot more. Also, with every update they keep on adding a new one.

Content Options

Not only themes, but this WordPress plugin has discreet options for text and images. Anything that you need to display can be curated, according to your style and theme.

drag drop builder

Here they offer you the best user-friendly option called drag and drop feature. If you are a beginner and have no idea about coding, don’t worry. Simply drag the images, text boxes in the template and drop them according to your need. So, it is the mist simple solution for designing your landing page.


The UnderConstruction people are great at providing support for any kind of difficulty. Even with the free version of the plugin, you can quickly get a support from the technical team. They have a contact form embedded as well which helps you to connect or ask your queries.

It is as easy as just leaving a message at the support tab. They will get back to you in a few hours, helping you solve the issue.

The additional features

Apart from this, they have a custom CSS feature which helps you adjust any part of the page to fit your needs. Also, has a Mail chimp and Zoiper support with access to the Newsletter module and 400, 000 free HD images are some of the Pro membership features.

underconstructionpage plugin premium features

The free version of UnderConstructionPage helps you with launching a coming soon page, the Pro feature version offers much more than that. So, if you would like to create a coming soon page, you should definitely opt for this amazing plugin in just 25$ yearly cost and make your life easier and simpler.

The last word

A natural tendency of every human being is to go with the product which is popular as well as highly rated. If this is the judgment factor to choose a best coming soon page plugin, just look at the reviews of UnderConstructionPage plugin.

“Does exactly what I need it to do plus some extras like, customizing & adding social media links.”

– Garygabagool

This is a review comment of a customer of UnderConstructionPage plugin. You can find over 1k 5 star reviews about this particular plugin.

So, nothing to worry about their features and services. Just go for it and create an awesome coming soon page.

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