Popular Website Builders Update Interfaces

popular-website-builders-update-interfacesIt looks as though many website builder review sources may need to update their reviews! Earlier this month, many popular website builders have updated their interfaces, including options for improving ease of use, plugging in third party mechanisms, and allowing mobile functions. Specifically, Wix and Weebly have both provided press releases and detailed information to multiple media outlets regarding their system updates.

First on the list is Weebly! Weebly launched an update of their interface (its third version) in the first week of October. Dubbed the Carbon edition, Weebly’s CEO hailed it in press releases as a first big step. Which is no small statement! With over 30 million users and a steady monthly visitor count to Weebly websites of up to 250 million, Weebly has a strong history of successes. It’s one of the easiest-to-use website building tools available to making websites for small businesses or personal use. The website functionality allows people to update their inventory, websites, and more all on the road.

In fact, the majority of Weebly’s customer base are self-reported entrepreneurs. And Carbon aims to help Weebly become the most comprehensive one-stop shop for creating, building, and marketing a business or ecommerce website. One of the largest aspects Carbon introduced is its app center, which includes several third-party functions to plug into websites, such as shipping apps, client marketing or mailer apps, shopping cart apps, and more.

But it also adds many other functions! Carbon makes it easier to design and launch websites from a smartphone. Carbon also includes many new pre-built elements such as pricing tables, webhooks, APIs, and team member cards.

But the best part is likely the fact that Weebly is still free!

The other significant website builder which has made major updates this month is Wix! Specifically, it updated the cloud based software which comprises its website editor. Interestingly, this is the first update they’ve giving their software since 2012. Always a platform which has promoted (and been known for) its ease of use for the technologically impaired, Wix has always been among the most popular website builder options.

Wix, in its new update, improved its drag and drop, code-free platform, totally overhauling its editor. A pared down base code makes the platform faster and more efficient, and easier for website builders to test. The updates also introduce several additional features which users can add to their websites, including parallax images. Parallax images hide a large photo in a small frame so that the photo scrolls with a user, creating a complex 3D effect.

But that’s just the beginning! Wix has also updated other elements which improve a website’s look and feel, including full page video backgrounds, anchor menus and various types of docking elements (such as pattern or gradient overlays over images and videos), and personalized suggestions. These suggestions include design elements based on a user’s industry or website type, with suggestions based on tools which help lead to conversions or popular elements within that field. Users now have access to free libraries of images and videos, and can style them in specific color palettes; or they can upload their own, with larger space available for use.

One of the greatest improvements for Wix is its new in-editor support, which can help users experiencing trouble utilizing the editor without forcing them to exit it and search the support database. Instead, pop ups and dialogue boxes can help users by suggesting common fixes to issues.

There’s increased ability to drag-and-drop or reposition on-page elements including contact information, logos, photos, and more; and, interestingly, relies upon Facebook’s React-powered javascript library. Increased modularity and flexibility in the coding which provides the ability to steer away from websites which look more cookie-cutter or template-ish in style.

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