Frequently Asked Questions About Responsive Website Design

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Are you still trying to maintain separate websites for mobile devices, tablets and desktops? Well, then you should definitely make the smart switch to responsive website design as soon as possible. So, what exactly is responsive website design (RWD) then all about? Well, continue reading for answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Why Make The Switch To Responsive Website Design?

Just because your website design is impressive when viewed on a desktop’s screen does not mean it will look just as impressive when viewed on a mobile device. Though, with the help of RWD, your website will be just as impressive no matter which type of screen is used to browse your website. What’s more, you only have to create one website design and it will adjust to the mobile device’s screen size all by itself. This means that you will save a lot of money and time!

However, that is not the only perk! Responsive website design is also very good for the search rankings of your website because all your pages of your website will boast a single URL. As the mobile version and desktop version of your website will not have different URLS, the social sharing statistics of your website (in other words tweets, Facebook Likes and so forth) will look better.

Here are a few other perks to consider about the importance of making your website design responsive.

How Can You Tell When A Specific Website In Fact Uses RWD?

Simply open that particular website in a desktop browser and then resize that browser. If the website design is in fact responsive, the layout of the website will change when you resize the browser.

Will RWD Work With My Google AdSense Campaign?

When you have included advertisements on your website, wider units could possibly not fit on a mobile screen. So, when you select the format, try to opt for a standard rectangular unit (for instance 300 x 250) as it fits on both widescreen desktops and the screens of smartphones without causing any challenges.

Will The Website Still Work With Older Browsers After You Have Switched to Responsive Website Design?

responsive web design faq
For the most part, yes. Responsive website design makes use of HTML5 that older versions of Internet Explorer will not support. Though, you can rest assured as there are JavaScript-based answers available.

What Do You Need To Know Before You Can Begin With RWD?

Well, responsive website design uses CSS and HTML. You will be using CSS to create rules.

Does RWD Have Any Disadvantages?

Well, there are one or two disadvantages. For instance, you would prefer not to use images with higher resolutions on the mobile version of your website, however that is difficult to get right with responsive website design.

See, responsive website design has so many benefits in store for your business. So, why wait any longer? Make the smart (device) switch today.

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