SEO Misconceptions Startup Owners Have

seo misconceptions startup owners haveWhen it comes to SEO most people from around the world do not know much and this should be no surprise but what is surprising is how many misconceptions appear when looking at what startup owners think. It is normal to want to do all that you can in order to promote your new company but when your marketing strategy is based on misconceptions, you can be sure that problems will appear. Because of this, let us discuss those misconceptions that appear quite often and that you should never believe.

Myth – SEO Will Produce Fast Results

The idea is that you look for a local internet marketing company that offers SEO services and results will appear in one month tops. In many cases this belief appears because startup owners are used with regular advertising methods. Search engine optimization is not like that. Once you start doing SEO work you set yourself up for a long time investment. It is really important that you understand this. SEO is all about long term results. While there are some results that will appear quite fast, in under a month, you should never expect something incredible in that time frame.

Myth – SEO Is Now Content Marketing

While it is 100% correct that content marketing is really important in the modern online marketing industry, it does not mean that traditional SEO is replaced. In reality we need to use both content marketing and search engine optimization. The best SEO practices will offer great results and you should never think that SEO is dead. All posts have to be optimized and you need to monitor backlinks in order to get long term success for online businesses.

Myth – SEO Is Mostly Technical

Some years ago the work done by the SEO specialist was definitely technical in nature. Content was modified and optimized according to some strict guidelines. Nowadays, SEO evolved to something that is quite different. As we see SEO and content marketing converging, modern search engine optimization is not that linked to the technical aspect. It is much more connected with promoting content of a really high quality in a user friendly and search friendly way.

Myth – Social Media Is More Important Than SEO

Many startup owners invest a lot of money in social media and they neglect SEO since they think social media marketing is more important. Social signals are important in rankings but this does not mean that when you have a really strong social media presence you will also have great search engine rankings. You should never forgo the regular content creation so that you can invest even more in social media marketing. This is a problem for many startup owners.


On the whole, the most important thing to acknowledge is that when you do not know much about search engine optimization the best option is to hire specialists that do have the necessary experience. Be sure that you find someone that can help you out and that can offer the information that you lack. Never believe the misconceptions presented above.

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