Starting an Online Gaming Website? Tips on Choosing the Best Programming Language

starting-an-online-gaming-website-tips-on-choosing-the-best-programming-languageWhether you love first-person shooter games, new releases with realistic graphics and a strong narrative or competitive challenges to keep your brain sharp such as playing online bingo – you might be thinking about starting your own gaming site. This can be a great way to let your imagination loose and rake in cash at the same time, but what programming languages are available and how can you be sure to choose the right one? Here are some ideas and tips:

Pygame and the Python programming language

When dreaming up your very own game you may be picturing sensational imagery, sharp colours and super sounds all brought together by a strong narrative and epic plot of discovery. This can all become a reality, so long as you choose the right programming tools and this is where languages such as Pygame come into play.

Specifically designed for writing video games, Pygame is a cross-platform set of Python modules that’ll help bring what’s in your imagination to life, but what are the benefits and how is it used?

Benefits of Pygame

  • You can write games or other multimedia applications in Python that will run unaltered on any of SDL’s supported platforms including Windows, UNIX, Mac, beOS and others.
  • Pygame is also relatively easy to learn. However, if you’re a newbie to writing your own material or to this programme there are usability guides available to help you out.
  • You can achieve a great deal with only a small subset of functions, so don’t feel overwhelmed by the array of classes at the top of the Pygame documentation index.

How to use Pygame

  • Pygame has many complexities and features but the most important aspect of this programming tool is the surface. View this as a blank piece of paper and you can pretty do anything you please from drawing lines, to copying images and adding colour.

Writing games with Ruby

Like Pygame, you can also whip up some pretty exciting games using Ruby – a dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. Its elegant syntax makes it easy to read and write, but why else could this be a good choice for your game creation?

  • When it comes to selecting a coding language it’s a good idea to go for something cost effective and as Ruby is free of charge it certainly ticks this box.
  • You should also look for something that’ll help you finish your project quickly and efficiently. Ruby Gems contain package information as well as files to install which will save you a lot of hard graft in terms of coding.


Since Apple dropped support for Flash on iOS, HTML has been used more and more to create some pretty great online games. This popular programming language is sufficient enough to bring basic concepts to life and if you’ve a sound knowledge of physics the process will also be a whole lot simpler. But again, don’t worry if you don’t know much at this stage as there are step-by-step tutorials online as well as examples of what can be achieved when using HTML.

Starting an online gaming site is the perfect way to have some fun and with the right programming language you can achieve some wonderful things.

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