Things to Avoid When Designing a Website

web design tips guides mistakes to avoidDesigning a website sounds so easy that many people think that can do it with little to no experience. Experts have years of experience and a deep understanding of search engine optimization. Better known as SEO, this is a term that refers to the content used on each page and the keywords and phrases that you use too. No matter how much experience you have, there are things you should avoid when designing a website and before that page goes live.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is one of the things you should avoid when designing a new website. Many beginners hear that Google and other search engines use specific algorithms based on keywords. They think that using more keywords is the key to moving up in the search engine rankings. When you use too many of the same words or similar words, your page ranking can actually drop because those algorithms think your site doesn’t offer anything useful. Working with a NYC SEO Company ensures that you use the proper keyword density and do not stuff the page with too many words or phrases.

Using the Wrong Words

Using the wrong keywords and phrases is another mistake that you might make when designing your website. When building your site and creating the content and articles you’ll share, you need to think about the information that readers want and what words and phrases to use in those articles. Some site designers simply use the most popular terms that readers search for, even though those terms make no sense on the page. If you want to focus on any terms or phrases, you must create content that goes along with those phrases.

Making Navigation Difficult

A New York City SEO Firm can help you when it comes to keywords and content, but you also need to think about the overall design and layout of each page too. If you create a site with tiny words and dead links, your readers will have a difficult time navigating through the site. Before the site goes live, you should make sure that each link leads to a new page and that readers can easily move from one page to the next. If readers find that navigation is difficult, they may back out of your page instead of checking out the site.

Creating a Cluttered Look

You also need to make sure that your site looks as clean as possible. The problem with some sites on the web today is that they are just too cluttered. Site owners think that they need to provide readers with as many photos and as much information as possible. Not only does this mean that the page takes longer to load, but it can also slow down a reader’s computer operating system. Cluttered sites are an even bigger problem for mobile users who want to look at sites on their phones. The best sites are those with a clean and modern look.

A good website that includes all important information and is easy to navigate is one that readers will return to day after day. Whether you create a professional site for your company or a site that sells top products to readers, you’ll want to avoid all of these common design mistakes.

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