Tips to Help Improve your Company’s Data Security

tips-to-help-improve-your-companys-data-securityAs your company expands and grows, the threat of a security breach also increases. Therefore it’s vital to prepare accordingly for these types of threats, regardless of the size of your business or what stage of development you’re in as a company.

After all, an IT security breach can temporarily disable everyday business, so it’s important it’s at the forefront of decisions you make. Regularly examining and reviewing your current security policies is a must, but we’ve come up with some further tips to help improve your company’s data security.

Ensure your staff are trained well and security policies are enforced strictly
This video from Dell highlights the fact that at the end of the day, our IT security systems will only be as strong and as protective as the people running and using them everyday are. Human error accounts for up to 70% of security breaches in the work place, so it’s vital you have competent training programs in place for each member of your team to minimise this avoidable risk as much as possible.

Look into new data security options
If you have encountered some problems in the past or at present with your security measures, it may be well worth looking into new data security options if the ones you have in place aren’t working for you as they should. Do your research and always be on the lookout for new solutions to your business security problems, as sticking with the same ones could leave you vulnerable and could be outdated. As mentioned above, companies like Dell are paving the way for new, affordable and innovative solutions, and they’re just one alternative option out there.

Make sure you’re all using strong passwords
We all have experienced that frustration where you’re trying to sign up to something online and their password requirements seem extremely OTT and almost impossible to choose a strong enough one. However, as annoying as it may be, it’s one of the best and easiest ways to protect your data and corporate info. A good tip is to pick a word that’s related to your business and swap some of the letters for suitable numbers instead. You could also set up regular dates in the calendar where you all have to change your passwords, too.

Understand which aspects of the company requires the most protection
It’s unlikely that you’ll have to go to the extremes to protect all of your company data – instead, you might just need to work out a few ways in which your most valuable and sensitive data is protected. This can include – but isn’t limited to – customer card details and company payroll information. Likewise, it’s a really good idea to have a solid contingency plan for any disasters that should happen, as well as a good backup process for all of your important info that you wouldn’t want to lose forever.

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