Make Your Checkout Process Smooth with These Four Tips

tips to make checkout process smooth
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When web users arrive at the checkout of your website, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t complete their purchase. They’ve got this far: they’ve selected a product, placed it into their cart or basket, and have clicked through to the checkout. It’s at this point, though, that you lose hundreds of customers per month. Why is this the case? Put simply, it’s because the friction for customers who are checking out with you is such that they’re driven away from completing the process. This guide is about reversing that process and removing the friction from your online checkout.


When your customers arrive at the checkout, they shouldn’t be presented with an offer for them to sign-in or sign-up to your website. You can offer these kinds of extra features once web users have paid for the goods in their cart or basket – and not before. When web users are asked to sign in, they instantly think of long and laborious forms. It’s hugely off-putting and will result in you missing out on the trade of hundreds, if not thousands of people.

Progress Bar

Checkout process in eCommerce website
Checking out usually takes several steps. As a bare minimum, you’re going to need the billing details of your customer, and where to send their package to. Sometimes you’ll also offer many different postage options, with different prices attached to them. The more stages you add above this, the more customers you’re going to exhaust before they click on that all-important ‘Pay’ button. To make the checkout process a little easier for your customers, add a progress bar to the top of your page. This will help them feel that they’re making quick progress through your online checkout.

Smart Design

The stages are one thing that can put off a customer who is on the edge of buying a product from you – but the overall design of your checkout is another. If your customer becomes uncomfortable with the web design that you’re using on your website’s checkout, they might abandon their cart. You need to improve the visual and practical features of your checkout to have it looking modern and trustworthy. Use professionals from to get the right kind of look on to your online checkout this year.

Payment Options

mobile payment options in eCommerce
Finally, many consumers are going to high-tail it away from your firm if they find that you don’t offer their preferred payment option. Many people in the modern world don’t use traditional online payments systems – like debit cards and credit cards – and would prefer to pay using PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and other niche payment systems. Provide these systems in the end-point of your checkout to keep your customers with you on their payment journey. Allowing different payment options in your store is also a sign that you’re modern and efficient – something that’ll stick in the minds of customers.

Improve your entire checkout process by following the four tips outlined above – helping you stop customers from abandoning their carts.

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