War of Words: When You’re Looking for Traffic, Great Content Is Essential

website content traffic tips guidesYour website may have an exceptional design, compelling imagery, and flawless user experience, but all that will hardly matter if you lack great content. Sure, some visitors may be intrigued by all the flashy colors, but eventually, even they will want a more concrete reason to keep clicking back.

So, if you’ve been finding it hard to drive traffic to your site, it’s time to shift your focus away from the technicalities and look at your content. Regardless of the type of stories you tell, you will need to present them as valuable and actionable information, so that your readers not only stay but also tell their friends and grow your network.

The internet is full of remarkable content, so just settling for average won’t cut it. Below are five key tips for creating incredible stories that will dramatically improve your traffic.

1. Offer Value

Web users are usually drawn to a website because it has information that benefits them. Before typing the title to your new article, therefore, ask yourself how your story will be of value to your readers, and what you can do to make it as meaningful as possible. Aspire to present your content in a manner that resonates with them and addresses their needs directly. That way, you can begin to explore more in-depth topics that are useful and relevant.

2. Identify Trends

Nobody wants to read outdated content, so ensure whatever you’re putting out is current and newsworthy. Do some research on current events that are relevant to your niche, and determine how you can appropriately incorporate them into your story. If you’re writing about cybersecurity, for instance, you can find a smart way to mention a recent cyber-attack or a scene from the latest season of Mr. Robot. Relating your content to current trends will make you sound more relatable and savvy to your target audience.

3. Be Personal

Powerful and impactful content is that which cultivates a connection between the writer and the reader. Sure, you may not want to go into elaborate detail regarding your private life, but if you want your audience to keep coming back, try to add a personal touch to your articles. Using your normal speaking tone, illustrating with a personal story, and using direct words like “you” or “everyone” to address the readers are great ways to connect with them.

4. Cite Your Sources

Speaking your mind is always great, but sometimes, its cold hard facts that resonate with the audience. Therefore, be sure to back up your content with credible facts and stats from trusted sources. If an article from a well-known, authoritative site supports your claim, don’t be afraid to link to it as well. Proven data, statistics, and studies give your story weight and credibility and build your reputation as a trusted source of information.

5. Seek Help

Just because you own the site, doesn’t mean you have to carry the burden yourself. If you’re finding it hard to create good content, there are many experienced writers out there that would be happy to lend a hand. A professional creator will know the right nerves to tickle to grow your base of readers.

Hiring content writing services may seem expensive, especially when you’re starting out, but if you want excellent quality that will immediately boost your traffic, it could just be the best option for you.


Posting great content is one of the most effective ways to generate site traffic. Of course, selling your products and getting ad revenue is part of the plan, but consistently good, valuable content will keep your readers coming back for more.

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