What Are DDoS Attacks and Their Types?

There are many hacking technologies on the Internet. They have different goals – stealing money or data, blackmailing, and eliminating competitors. Motivation is often reduced to illicit financial gain, but other reasons push hackers to develop malicious software.

Black programmers have invented many ways to damage a web resource or server. One of the most common is a DDoS attack. To eliminate the possibility of your website, server, or even mobile, get a 4g mobile proxy to stay safe online.

what are ddos attacks and their types
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What Is a DDoS Attack?

A DDoS attack is a massive bombardment of a server with simultaneous junk requests that deplete RAM and completely kill traffic. The attack leads to denial of service:

  • due to channel congestion, the site ceases to respond to real visitors;
  • is completely disabled.

In such cases, they say: “Put (collapsed) DDoS attack.”

We’ve discussed the denial of service, but what exactly does “Distributed” imply? As a result, the word denotes the fact that the assault is disseminated over several devices.

Attacks can be made against websites, networks, e-mail services, mobile applications, and other digital resources. DDoS assaults can occur at any point along with the network connection, therefore they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The consequences of a successful DDoS attack can be catastrophic – a drop in issuance due to unavailability, a complete shutdown of the server by the data center, losses due to downtime, and reputational losses for the company.

Where the Attack Is Carried Out?

Stressors. These are special services that provide the capacity of their servers for a stress test of their ability to withstand a DDoS attack. You just need to enter the site address, choose the type of attack, pay for the service and analyze the result.

Stressors are positioned as a service to test your site and are not considered harmful. But this service is often used by those who want to get rid of competitors. Attackers disguise their IP addresses with proxy servers, so it is not possible to track who paid for the service and for what purpose. Because the strength of such attacks is limited, only the most basic varieties are utilized. But that’s enough to put a small online store. If we talk about hackers – this method is used by beginners who do not yet have enough knowledge and money to act independently.

Servers. Servers that were not blocked are bought or rented to carry out attacks. They are equipped with special software for attacks. This is what already advanced hackers do. Sometimes one DDoS hacker doesn’t have enough servers to put up a site, and then he can ask his colleagues to help with their capacity for a certain percentage. This is how whole teams of “dossiers” can be organized.

Botnet. For DDoS assaults, this is the most complicated and powerful technology available. You must first build a botnet, which is an army of “zombie computers.” This is the name of the devices of users, control over which is seized by attackers.

Capturing control is done through viruses that spread through mailings or hacked sites. The virus is built into the OS and allows the hacker to give commands remotely. Because the infection does not reveal itself, the owners are unaware of their machines’ illicit activities. Hackers often have a large base of such zombies, constantly updating them and periodically throwing them into battle.

Stay safe online and know all the dangers!

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