What Should Be on My Business Website?

business website tips guidesYou may have a website, but you are unsure if you are missing something. Perhaps you have seen other websites and they look a lot more put together than yours. We are here today to go over what exactly should be on your business website. This will help anyone that is unsure and thinking they need to add a little something extra in order to make it stand out and get more traffic coming to it. Keep reading to learn more.

Add a Blog

Having a blog will allow you to post new content on a regular basis. It will also help new people find your website and will be a place where you can show readers that you are knowledgeable in your industry. Make sure it is not all about sales. You can even switch it up and talk about certain things to do in your area, especially if you are a local business. Make sure you are consistent and don’t start out too much. Commit to at least one blog per week and slowly increase or learn to outsource the blog as your business grows to a top SEO agency.

Have a Contact Us Page

It’s so important to have a contact us page. You can have a box that allows people to automatically submit their questions as well as your phone number and address if you have a business in person. Make sure to also have your phone number on the top of your website for easy access too.

Have an About Us Page

developing website for your business

An about us page adds personality not only to your business, but to your website as well. If you have a great story behind your business, make sure you add it here. If you have employees that are consistently with you, you can add their picture and a short bio about them. This will allow others to relate to you and seem more trustworthy.

Showcase Your Products and Services

Make sure you are showcasing your products or services. Whether this means you have an ecommerce website and it is laid out correctly or you talk about the services you offer, make sure your business is still tied into your website.

Make It Run Fast

It’s so annoying to customers when a website runs slow. Because of this, make sure your website is fast moving so people stay on your site and turn into paying customers

Add Pictures

Pictures add a lot. Make sure there is at least one if not two pictures on each page. This means you should have a header as well as one picture intertwined between the words on the page.

Have a Home Page

A home page is a must. This is what people see right when they enter your website. That homepage can feature your latest blog, your latest product, or talk about your business. Try not to make it too salsey but instead inviting.


The final page that can be on your website is a testimonials website. These can also be intertwined in the pages. It’s a great idea though for you to add testimonies from previous or current clients onto your website.

As you can see, it’s important that you have the generic website pages but besides that you can add whatever you want. If you want to add a lot more pages, try and have more of a dropdown menu so that it doesn’t look too crowded at the very top on the menu. For more tips on your website and making it look great, contact us today.

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