What to Consider When Hiring a Web Developer

what to consider when hiring a web developerThe benefits of hiring a qualified developer are vast, but hiring the right candidate for the job can be a difficult task. If you’re not well-versed in the field of development, sniffing out the most qualified developers can prove to be a more challenging task than most business owners presume. There are strategies you can use to ensure your hire is the best fit for the position.

In-House Employees or Freelancers?

You must decide whether you’re looking for an in-house employee or open to the hiring of a remote freelancer. In-house developers are well suited to companies that have long term development goals. Establishing a relationship with an in-house employee makes it easier to manage and collaborate on a given project. For many companies, though, in-house employees simply aren’t the right fit.

Startups on tight budgets often find the cost demands of an in-house developer aren’t sustainable. A full-time employee that works in-house will need equipment, salary, and benefits including health insurance and potential 401(k) options. Outsourcing can cut these costs significantly. A remote employee can be hired for a contracted amount of time at a pre-specified price. Electing to hire a freelancer can save thousands of dollars per year. It’s also wise to hire a freelancer developer if you have a singular project or short-term development goals. Should you hire an in-house developer, you’ll be tasked with procuring more duties for them once the initial project is over. Outsourcing provides a measure of flexibility that in-house employment doesn’t.

Some business owners elect to hire in-house developers for better collaboration. While there are now technology options to provide better progress tracking and project management, it can be easier to avoid miscommunication issues if the developer is in-house. A developer who grows with the company will better understand your goals in the long run, and may be able to provide key advice and expedited services. There are definite benefits to both freelance and in-house employees, so consider your needs and company budget limitations before deciding.

Outsourcing Options

There are thousands of developers out there, but how do you go about finding them? There’s plenty of avenues to pursue. Your first priority should be to collect a large pool of candidates. Check out online boards and websites, ask around through networking circles, and extend the job opportunity to college students looking for internships. Sourcing candidates online can be an easy way to find talented developers within a short timeframe. There are plenty of remote developers looking for their next job, and if time is of the essence, a site like Remote.com is going to be your best bet. You’ll have immediate access to a bevy of qualified developers at a wide range of prices.

Referrals are Your Best Friend

When it comes to finding high-quality employees, referrals are often your best bet. The development world is constantly shifting, and developers will move around from business to business, industry to industry. Perhaps an old colleague or business associate has worked with a qualified programmer or web designer that could serve as a fantastic addition to your development team. Put out your feelers and ask industry peers who they know. You can also take your chances scouring the likes of LinkedIn. Connections you’ve made in your industry could lead you on a web trail to the right hire, and spending the time to look through potential links can help your hiring process immensely.

Ironing Out the Job Details

Before posting a job listing, be sure to iron out the job duties and details. The more specific you are, the quicker your filtering process will be; this can help you place the right candidate sooner. Consider the qualifications and specialties you’re looking for. Most web developers are proficient in scripting languages like WordPress and JavaScript, but if you’ll require proficiency in other more complex programming languages, be sure to specify in your job listing.

If you’re looking for a talented developer, keep these important facets in mind during the hiring process and land yourself a skilled programmer that can make your development ideas a reality.

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