Why Businesses Without A Responsive Website Are Falling Behind!

responsive-website-design-businessWhen you have been looking for information on the internet, it is highly likely you have been confronted with websites which are impossible to navigate or difficult to use on a phone or tablet. These are non-responsive websites, the ones where you have to zoom a lot to be able to clearly read the text, select menu options or use any functionality on the site.

A responsive website is a site which automatically adjusts the way it appears to users, depending on the device the user opens the site with. This ensures that no matter if a user has a smart phone, a tablet or a desktop in front of them, the website functions perfectly and the content and functionality is easily accessible.

If you are a business owner with a website which is not responsive at the moment, you have probably wondered if it is worth the investment to make your website responsive. This article will provide you with clear data and tips why you should no longer delay and jump on board now!

Customer Experience

According to Google’s Insights (http://www.google.com/think/multiscreen/), if the website of a business is not responsive, 61% of the visitors (in other words potential clients) are likely to leave straight away and go to a competitor. On the other hand – if a website is responsive, potential clients are 67% more likely to purchase the products or services promoted on the site.

This is very important data because in 2014 the number of mobile users surpassed desktop users globally as shown by Morgan Stanley data (http://www.businessinsider.com/mobile-will-eclipse-desktop-by-2014). So right now it is likely that more people are visiting your business website from mobile devices compared to desktops. This means that if the web design of your site is not responsive you are currently losing customers.

Search behavior of your potential clients will continue to evolve rapidly, and they are likely to become more and more discerning and critical of sites not set up to provide information in the format they want.

With a responsive website you can create a positive experience for prospects which can turn them into long term clients.

Responsive Design Search Engine Benefits

Google recommends Responsive Web Design as the most effective way to reach people who use a mobile or tablet (https://developers.google.com/webmasters/mobile-sites/) . Google also favors responsive sites in how they represent search results on mobile devices, especially when mobile users are looking for a local product or service.

So with a responsive site you are not only following the industries’ best practice standards, you are likely to gain SEO benefits and reach more potential clients because your responsive website will be ranked more prominently.

New Device Development

2015 promises to be the year where wearable technology becomes widely available to the general public. This means that the number of different devices, screen sizes and screen shapes will multiply quickly. Without a responsive website your business will very quickly lose touch with your potential clients and current customer base – giving other businesses in your industry and target market the chance to gain ground.

With a responsive website your business will be ready for any new devices which hit the market in the coming months and years.

Competitive Advantage

It is estimated that worldwide between 10% and 30% of websites are responsive. This varies from country to country and industry to industry, but overall the penetration of responsive sites is still relatively low.

This offers businesses a huge opportunity to capture more market share, get ahead of the competition and create a foundation for sustainable and long term business growth.

Jack Welch – the world renowned former CEO of GE stated:

“If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete”

By getting a responsive website now you will get ahead of the curve and ensure that your prospectsnot only find what they are looking for; they will get the information in a format that is easy to use and engage with. As a result a responsive website can be a massive contributor to growth, revenue and profits.

Business owners have many balls to keep in the air and many priorities to manage. Making decisions about the day to day running of a business takes up most of the focus of leaders. It is important to take some time regularly to review steps that can be made to improve the business in the short and long term.

Investing in technological innovation has never been more important. The internet is the most prominent way consumers search for information about products and services and more and more users are making contact with businesses and make purchases online.

Having a website only tailored to desktops is no longer enough – now is the perfect time to expand your reach and engage with potential clients the way they expect, effectively and easily.

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