Why is it so Hard to Find Great Weebly Designs?

why is it so hard to find great weebly designs
Weebly is one of the most used website builders, and it has further grown in popularity over the last year after Square acquired it for hundreds of millions of dollars. The builder is especially popular among amateurs and other users who want to create a website easily without the need for writing code.

Due to this, Weebly currently powers more than one million websites, and here are some Weebly Website Examples for Inspiration. However, despite the user-friendliness, robustness, and reliability, it can be hard to find great Weebly designs. So why is that?

Today, we explore the design shortcomings of the Weebly website builder.

1. Weebly focuses on simplicity

Weebly is designed to accommodate new bloggers and business owners who do not have the technical skills of website development. This means that the builder is based on drag and drop. To add a feature or element on your page, all you need to do is drag it, and drop it where you want it! However, this also means that users are not able to customize the design to make it sleeker or even sophisticated.

2. Fewer templates

weebly fewer templates
Weebly offers a good selection of themes for blogs, portfolios, and eCommerce sites. However, the number of available themes is quite small, especially when you compare it with the 7,000 plus available WordPress themes that are directly accessible within the platform. As for drag and drop builders, Wix provides ten times more templates. This means that although you can find fitting designs on Weebly, the fact that they are overused means that they are less impressive.

3. No ADI option

Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) facilitates the application of AI in website design, something that eliminates the reliance on themes and even reduces human input. ADI works by asking questions to the designer about the needs of the website. It then takes those responses and automatically creates a site for you, enabling a unique and robust design.

Wix offers this functionality, but Weebly is yet to integrate it into their website builder. Users just have to rely on creating the design manually.

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4. Flexibility

weebloy flexibility
Although the Weebly website builder allows you to create a design easily through drag and drop, the drop can’t be done on just any part of the website. This means that if you have a creative design in mind that you’d like to implement, it may not always be possible. This can be quite frustrating for people who would like to have complete control over their website design.

5. Limited blogging tools

If you are used to WordPress sites when it comes to blogging, you will find it strange when you try creating a blog post with Weebly. Just like the website builder, posts are created by dragging and dropping elements. Further, the design of the post is pretty much limited as the format is fixed, and this goes ahead to affect the overall design of the blog.

However, the above only affect the design of websites and blogs. Weebly scores highly in other areas such as pricing, extras, ease of use, and others.

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