Why Should Your Company Use White Label Landing Pages?

why should your company use white label landing pages

As a business owner with a thriving company, you might not have enough time to achieve everything you want. Entrepreneurs often have limited resources and time. However, as an entrepreneur, your first instinct for every decision is to do everything by yourself. But, this is not possible.

Building new tools and strategies from scratch is foolish because you might repeat past mistakes. It also limits the time you can spend working on growth and strategy. You have to think outside your core skills and troubleshoot emerging issues. It is also a waste of money. So, most business owners look for shortcuts to save their time and money.

One such approach is opting for a white label solution. But, what is white labeling? And why does your business need it?

What are white-label landing pages?

When records were popular, music companies sent promotional copies to DJs in white sleeves. Since the artwork was not ready, DJs played these copies to gauge interest.

However, nowadays, white-label solutions mean something else. White label means a service or product manufactured by one company and sold by another. However, the latter company sells the solution without branding with a white label. It is a win-win for the manufacturer and the seller. The reseller can customize the service and hoist their unique brand.

Comparatively, the reseller does not have to waste time and money on marketing. White-label options work for everything, from cereals to movie tickets. Some businesses even handle the online part of the job, such as link building and landing pages. A landing page is any webpage on which users land. Marketers believe that a well-utilized landing page can improve business prospects and growth.

Why should an agency use white-label services?

There are several reasons a business would want to white label. Following are primary reasons to white label a product.

1. Expand your services:

Consumers are not interested in getting piecemeal services from different vendors. They prefer getting all their products from the same source to improve efficiency and productivity. For example, suppose you are a marketing company focusing on advertising, but your customers want an SEO expert. You can not jump into that without spending thousands on development. White labeling can help you expand your profile.

2. Expand your clientele:

It is common sense. The more products you have, the more customers you will get. Therefore, you will attract attention from different clients who keep returning to buy your products. With a one-stop shop, you can also satisfy your customers and fulfill their every need.

3. Easy to brand:

Most white label landing page services are prepackaged and fully integrated. For example, Enterprise White Label Landing Page Builder offers several eye-catching templates to help users create aesthetic landing pages. So, you can suggest them to your customers without any hassle. In addition, customers can order unique styles that satisfy their brand guidelines. Some services also offer excellent customer support to help users resolve user issues.

4. Enhance your image:

You want to become a serious competitor in your sector. So, you want to offer diverse services under your brand name. Offering specialized services from other manufacturers hurts your image and credibility. Therefore, adding your brand logo to a white label product can help you become a top industry player.

5. Focus on the sales funnel:

Businesses are all about the bottom line. And most executives forget this vital fact at their own risk. Instead of wasting precious resources in developing a program, you can use a trusted service to save your efforts. In addition, using a white label product will give you more time to focus on sales and profits.

6. Get benefits, with none of the risks:

Developing new software is a complicated and laborious process. Developers have to go through many rounds of trial and error before they hit the target. And it does not make sense to spend so many resources to do something outside your core competency. Fortunately, there are several white label link-building solutions from experienced software houses. In addition, manufacturers continuously update these services and troubleshoot user problems. So, your company can benefit from the white label resource without the risks.

7. Focus on what matters:

Landing pages are a fundamental part of a digital marketing campaign. They streamline your revenue funnels and improve your call to action. Therefore, your conversions will end in more customers and money. Experts believe that mass landing pages can help garner online leads. But, not everyone has the time to create landing pages. Therefore, a white label landing page service can improve your online presence and steer visitors to your pages.

8. Save on training and recruitment:

On average, it costs $1,252 to teach a new employee. Services that do not offer landing page options will have to train and recruit people to work on the service. However, by using a white label landing page, you can avoid training and recruitment costs.

But not all manufacturers are the same. You should carefully assess the competency of your white label partner before choosing them. Some qualities are vital for a white label manufacturer.

What to look for in a white-label manufacturer?

  • They must have a similar vision. Companies with a cohesive policy have smoother partnerships, and they are easier to handle. However, keep in mind that these companies are your strategic business partners. So, you have to make sure they are a good fit.
  • Look for a manufacturer that offers a high-quality product. You do not want to get stuck with outdated software that is seldom updated. So, look for a partner that continuously makes improvements and welcomes suggestions. Usually, companies with excellent online reviews and decades of experience are a better fit.
  • You do not want to get stuck on hold every time you reach out for support. Your manufacturer should offer prompt support. They should also prioritize training new vendors to help you learn and grow.
  • Ask for a test drive before you sign on the dotted line. You can not be sure if the service is worth the money unless you try it. So, ask for a free trial to learn how the service model works.


White labeling is necessary to improve your portfolio and increase conversions. However, building your brand name is your primary focus. While other agencies are using white label landing pages, it is necessary to consider your needs and wants before choosing a service. Look for a partner that can help you with sustainable growth. Marketing your business in a competitive market is complicated. But, your investment will pay off in the long run.

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