Wix Code: A New Product from Wix for Developers

In recent years, there has been an onslaught of website builders on the Internet. While most digital marketers avoid using instant website builders like Wix, but demand for such tools has been increasing drastically. Additionally, since the number of website builders is on the rise, so it has become extremely difficult to single out bad fishes in this industry. However, Wix stands out from the rest in every aspect. Wix is a fusion of beauty and advanced technology, which results in stunning websites.

This cloud-based website development platform is currently used by millions of users across the globe. This robust platform promises to give you a hassle-free web experience. Wix Code is the latest offering from Wix. It is a phenomenal medium tailor-made to offer a myriad range of customization options.  You can use it for creating dynamic pages, gathering user-input and designing amazing websites of your choice.  So, let’s get started and find out why developers and web designers across the globe are going gaga over this website builder.

wix code a new product from wix for developers

Ideal for Newbie Developers

If you are still learning the art of coding, but you want to design a website on your own, then Wix Code can come to your rescue. Wix Code can help you build and design a professional website with absolute ease. In short, this easy-to-use platform is ideally suited for newbie or first-time developers. Its drag & drop feature takes DIY to another level. This tool helps you create a stunning website with your preferred template. You just have to pick a template, add the necessary changes, and finally add few images and videos. Voila! Your custom-designed website is ready.

Ease in User-input Collection

Most website owners go through an excruciating experience while setting up a system for collecting input from their website visitors. However, Wix offers various options for the same. Wix already features a wide range of data collections elements like quiz boxes, forms, and review sections. This explains why it has become a favorite amongst developers. The drag-and-drop editor comes in handy to set up these mediums of data collections. Users can even create a custom-made tool for collecting data based on their requirement.

The power of AI

From Elon Musk to Stephen Hawking, everyone has been discussing the impact of artificial intelligence on our future. While the future is unseen, with Wix, you have the chance to experience the future, TODAY. The artificial design intelligence of Wix thoroughly understands you, and then it applies this knowledge for creating a website, which meets all your expectations. It designs one-of-its-kind website by searching from billions of combinations for layouts, contact forms, images, text, and much more.

the power of ai

User-friendly Platform

Given the number of features offered on this platform, users can face difficulty while designing their website. These features are integrated such that every Wix Code user has only positive things to say about this website builder.  However, you are yet to know the best aspect of this website builder. The reason for its ever-increasing popularity is the ease with which users can effortlessly design and integrate a website.

Better User Integration

While most website builders are still struggling to offer basic customization options, Wix Code offers you dedicated elements. These elements can be used for designing user-interactive pages. Of course, you need to use JavaScript for meeting the purpose, but the entire process would hardly take a few hours. The minimal design rule followed on this platform can help you effortlessly create a clean and user-interactive website.

Dynamic Pages

wix dynamic pagesMost developers intend to design dynamic pages on their website. Such pages increase/enhance the convenience of the user. Wix Code allows you to create various pages using a single template design. To begin with, you just have to select a design. Thereafter, the site will keep creating additional pages depending upon your requirement.

Smooth API Integration

Presently, you can use various Wix Code APIs. These APIs allow you to integrate services from other websites to your newly developed website. It is interesting to note that developers with basic coding skills can also integrate APIs on their website. The internal APIs currently available for services include YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, Vimeo, Twitter, and Facebook. However, as mentioned earlier, you still have an option to get third-party services on your website to increase its functionality and productivity.

Given the amazing aspects we just discussed, there is no doubt that Wix code is a highly recommended tool for developers. Whether you have coding knowledge or not, Wix Code will help you build and design a fully functional website. Wix Code allows database collection tools and highly effective user interaction mediums, so businesses can expect a surge in the overall conversion rates. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Get ready to build a website without limits.

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