Reasons to go to Before Subscribing to an Online Fax Service

reasons-to-go-to-findafax-com-before-subscribing-to-an-online-fax-serviceCompetitive businesses understand the importance of making the right decision the first time. Being sold on a product that under-performs and under-delivers can be destructive to company goals, time management efficiency, and overall labor costs. The time and energy it takes to implement any change on a large scale is uncomfortably high for most executives already. Add retraining and scrapping of entire programs to the plan and you have a disaster on your hands. When it comes to competition, especially when the margins of profit are close between the two companies, making right decisions from the start is critical. Not only do you have to make good decisions from the beginning, you have to continue making good decisions. For these two reasons, it is wise to step outside of your network of friends and make a calculated business decision. When it is time to make that decision, you will find plenty of reasons to go to before you subscribe to an Online Fax Service.

Money Talks

Any serious business professional can not make decisions without looking at the costs of doing business. When you must directly or indirectly compete against other business’s within your area, the price of the product is a major driver for the consumer in the marketplace. When quality and affordability come together, the marketability of your product can exceed your wildest imaginations.

So, how is FindAFax able to make your business more efficient and competitive? Without having a working personal knowledge of your business and its processes, comparing your system to the FindAFax system is not possible. The good news is that simply stating the benefits of will be enough to convey the message of value. is a great place to get started on your shopping. When time and money are the primary focus, you need to find ways to manage your time efficiently while getting the best deal you can. Serious buyers or procurement officers know that you should never buy anything in a hurry.

Big ticket items or written contracts are factors that require you to slow down and be prudent. Jumping into a contract, for even a year, because you have an immediate fire to put out can be expensive and disastrous. At, you can take advantage of the work others have done to make your fax finding experience quick and painless while still getting the right product that fits your needs. is a web based company that has taken the time to compare various products offered by different companies. The website lays out the comparisons in a very simple and easy to read table format. All companies are assessed according to the same set of standards for affordability, applicability and performance.

Time Matters

While fax machines do not have their own personal regulatory body within the government, the information that goes through them does. With the new Dodd-Frank legislation start date of August 1, 2015 companies that handle sensitive information are accountable for the security of that information in a whole new way. Companies must have a security officer appointed and verifiable procedures in place to prevent theft of information and records management. Part of the verification will include having secured email through both hardware and software. evaluates companies for their ability to meet HIPPA regulations. It would be fair to say that for making a decision on something, even as mundane as setting up a fax machine, requires intense study of statutes, regulatory compliance issues for your industry, and your particular performance needs. In real estate, banking, and legal offices the need for security is being micromanaged by the Dodd-Frank Act with severe penalties for noncompliance. If you are going to fax documents such as applications for credit with social security numbers, account numbers, and addresses than your fax process will have to be secure from end to end.

In the old days when fax machines were the fastest mode of document transfer the risks were extremely high for information theft. Anyone who happened to be standing by the fax machine was able to get their hands on whatever came through. Alternatively, unencrypted data could be stolen in the transmission process. Dialing a wrong number could result in devastating consequences. is a third party disinterested and therefore impartial party to the electronic fax companies and takes security very seriously. They have the benefit of focusing their time and energy on evaluating companies over a longer period and can help get you on the right track quickly. It takes an enormous amount of time to evaluate a fax service and to understand the nuances from one company to another.

The identification of the negotiable variables to the contract for a fax service may not be immediately apparent to you. How many faxes will you send or receive each month? Is there a limit on faxes that can be sent daily? Are you charged by the page or the document? Are you responsible for encryption or is the fax service provider? Does the company personalize their contracts for service packages to fit your particular needs? For example, if you are allowed to send ten faxes a day and are not open on Saturday and Sunday, will they roll those days over to your prime faxing days? Is there a trial period? To make a decision on a fax service is much easier and faster using FindAFax’s services where you can quickly investigate the breakdown of the major providers.

Little Surprises… provides an excellent evaluation of relevant material. Some of the surprises you may not have expected are things like the location of the company’s customer service. Some of these company’s employ call centers around the globe and facilities of this type have grown very unpopular over the last ten years. The language barriers coupled with a failure to understand the business culture of the United States can make the process of customer service a nightmare. For some companies, this may not matter, and the price is the driving factor. The only certainty is that companies do not typically advertise the locations of their various call centers on their websites. brings the shadow information into the light where it can be seen. Hiring foreign nationals in the home country also means that your information is accessible to other parties in another country. In the modern age there are serious questions about the ability to keep any information secure anywhere, much less other lands where the laws may be less astringent.

Is your office going to expand and hire more employees this year or the next? Do you have the ability to modify your contract under those conditions? If you initially signed up for five users and 20 faxes a day, what happens if you open a second location? Contracts are a two edged sword. They hold the parties accountable for the statements in the contract. If you signed up for a one or two-year contract without building in a modification clause, how do you move forward while making the right decision when certain options are off the table?

In this electronic age sending an electronically transmitted fax through an email address makes a tremendous impact on the fax industry as a whole. Some service providers make it possible to fax from your phone, tablet, or laptop to any fax machine. Ever try to scan an official watermarked document like a birth or death certificate with a fax machine? The void marks ruin the image and can make faxing difficult. With an electronic fax, companies offer applications that will allow you to take a picture of the document and the software converts the document to a pdf or other type of document circumventing watermark issues and saving a lot of time and headaches.

The costs of purchasing a high volume fax and time needed for shopping can be reduced dramatically. You can switch to a fax service provider that will retain copies of faxes in your account with transmittal and receive documents to verify the Fax was delivered. Service providers can encrypt your data throughout the faxing process and guarantee privacy laws compliance. Anytime you can minimalize risk is good for business. Use like an outsourced procurement officer. You can make your office communications modern with the least cost as the market offers. If you want to make the right decision the first time then make it FindAFax.

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