Easy Website and Product Screenshots Mockup with PlaceIt

When presenting a website or products mockup to a potential clients, sometime the clients wanted to see how the website or products looks in realistic environments. They want to see how their website or products will looks in desktop and mobile device such as ipad and iphone. In real world, this is something that is troublesome and sometime not easy if you do not owned an ipad or iphone yourself.

This is where Placeit by Breezi.com comes in handy. Placeit generate product screenshots in realistic environments easily, you just need to drag and drop the proper dimension size screenshots of your website and products and the application will automatically adjust and place them in the device mockups.

Checkout some of the screenshot taken

in notebook or desktop

in large mobile device such as ipad

in smaller mobile device such as iphone


There are more than 10 mockup device you can experience with. Check out PlaceIT today to see how your website looks in mobile device.

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