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[pthumb][/pthumb]When Google starting to closed down the Google Readers and FeedBurner API in middle of 2012, we all expecting the worst scenario that the FeedBurner might be closing down. Before the end of year 2012, FeedBurner Twitter, Blogs and API had been abandoned and stopped working. The FeedBurner.JP domain was abandoned / lost by Google at the end of July 2012 without warning or notice. Podcasters and bloggers whose feeds were served at have lost their audiences for good.

Although FeedBurner still working using subscribers and email newsletter but you never know when the Google decided to completely shut down the whole FeedBurner system. However there are a few FeedBurner Alternative you can look into. Unfortunately most of them are Paid Service which entirely different from Free Service by FeedBurner.

Want an alternative method? don’t want to lost your traffic and audience? in this article, i will show you 5 High Pagerank RSS Directory where you can submit your site RSS Feeds to.

1. RSS Network

RSS Network
RSS Network – Easily find topic specific RSS feeds by navigating RSS Network’s directory

2. Feedage

Feedage is a free fully categorized and searchable RSS directory. Their mission is to categorize the large number of RSS data feeds available to make it easier for you to find and subscribe to the content you are interested in.

3. Plazoo

PLAZOO is not a conventional search engine, PLAZOO shows you what the whole world is thinking right now. It is all about reviews, opinions, events, companies, or maybe you.

4. Feedagg

The goal of is simple. Help you find the best blogs and news feeds on the internet and then rate and sort them through the independent actions of their visitors.

5. RSSMotron

RSSMotron provide RSS feeds, RSS directory, RSS software, RSS scripts, RSS articles, RSS syndication, XML, RDF and news for you.

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