What is the Best Sites to Learn WordPress Development?

best sites to learn wordpress developmentYour website says a lot about your company. Some claim that it can make or break your chances of attracting new customers. When you think about the fact that you are less likely to be inclined to buy a product or service from a poorly made website, you will find out that this claim has some truth to it.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your site is up to par and attracts an immense amount of online traffic is by using WordPress as your platform. The fact that this platform is easy to use and does not require any HTML software adds to the benefits of using WordPress for personal or business.

For those of you who are novices when it comes to the platform, here are ten of the best places to learn WordPress.

WP Sessions

While this site may not be ideal for newbies, if you have a little knowledge of WordPress, you will find WP Sessions to be an excellent way for improving your skills further. The site includes webinars from professionals who will help you out with both beginner and advanced problems.

WP Sessions charges an affordable price for its tutorials. While you may not want to invest in learning how to use WordPress, the improvements you will see in your website once you do so are bound to make you satisfied with your choice if you decide to bear the cost.

First Site Guide

At one point or another, all of us are beginners. For instance, startups start from the bottom and slowly delve into the online market. For those of you who have never made a website and want a taste of the art without spending any money, First Site Guide is the best solution for you.

First Site Guide provides its users with an experience which is marked by enhanced visuals. Moreover, rather than concentrating its resources to online modes, the site allows you to download the guides in PDF format and peruse it at your speed.


Watching a video tutorial is an excellent way to learn the know-hows of WordPress. This is because it allows you to follow the footsteps of the professionals who teach you. WP101 provides users with such video tutorials.

Whether it’s about publishing a post or learning about permalinks, WP101 has your back through it all. Additionally, it also has lessons about the optimal WordPress SEO which will allow you to ensure that your website remains on the top.

However, all of these features are available at a price. You can choose between different packages as per your liking which serves as a source of convenience.

Easy WP Guide

There was a time when books and manuals were our only source of help. The Easy WP Guide has stood by this traditional method of teaching and considering how easy the manual is to understand, it is safe to say that its efforts are proving to be fruitful.

The Easy WP Guide can be both read online and downloaded for you to refer to it whenever the need arises. Whether it be a tablet or a smartphone, the manual can be accessed from all sorts of platforms. It truly makes understanding WordPress a piece of cake. The instructions are written in layman terms to ensure that maximum benefit is achieved from the book.


After you have mastered WordPress at a beginner’s level, you will need a platform which teaches you the intermediate and professional things related to the platform. This is where Treehouse comes in. This online tutorial site provides you with all the information in an interactive way to make sure you retain its teachings.

You can choose between merely watching videos and testing your retaining skills by opting for quizzes. While Treehouse is not available for free, it is too helpful to miss out on.

Pippin’s Plugins

Sooner or later, you will find yourself being exposed to WordPress plugins, and this part might go over your head. For this reason, Pippin Williamson has created the perfect place for you to learn all about plugins.

Since he is famous as a plugin developer, you are bound to learn everything there is to know about the topic from him. Moreover, he is also on WordPress’s plugin review team which means that he is the man to follow.

WP Theming

WP Theming mainly targets developers who are interested in theme development. Those of you whose website is in need of this will find WP Theming an excellent way to learn about all there is to know about theming practices.

The creator of this site has a theme business in WordPress and, hence, understands and provides answers to the common problems faced by developers.


You can think of WordPress.tv as the TED Talks of WordPress. If you have been using WordPress for a long time, the chances are that you have already come across this site and have unraveled the blessings that it contains.

The site is a hub of great people from all around the world who contribute to WordPress. Since they are using the platform at the same time, you are bound to find their videos to be relevant to your issues. Moreover, you will find presentations from WordPress events which will allow you to attain professional help of sorts.

MagPress WP Tutorials

wordpress tutorials sitesMany of us do not wish to invest in learning WordPress, especially when we are short on budget. While there are various free resources available online, the fact remains that they do not provide the same level of guidance as paid tutorials.

MagPress is an exception to that rule. This is because it is a hub of all possible resources you can find. Many other sites tend to target a certain niche, i.e., either beginners or professionals. MagPress contains tutorials and guidance for all, making it a convenient place to learn all the trickeries of WordPress.


Those of you who are looking to groom your website in the most holistic manner will find Lynda.com to be the best place to learn WordPress. This site includes videos which are equipped with FAQs and transcripts to ensure that you make the most out of them.

The site realizes that to be good at WordPress and attract traffic, users need to work on various aspects. This ranges from understanding how to write content to learning the best ways to make a living out of WordPress. For this reason, Lynda.com tackles all these diverse topics.


All the sites mentioned above are excellent places for you to learn all that you can about WordPress. We find MagPress to be the best out of the free options as no other site contains such an abundance of resources like it does.

If you are willing to invest for the better future of your website and your bank account, Lynda.com is the best place to learn WordPress. You can’t go wrong with this site.
Regardless of which method or platform you choose to learn WordPress, make sure you do use these tutorials to sharpen up your skills.

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