WPMU.org now officially WPMU DEV Blog

James Farmer from WPMU DEV just announced that they will be closing down (or merely move) their Premier WordPress News, Tips and Tutorial Blog – WPMU.org into the subdirectory of their Premium WPMU DEV domain, hence change the location for WPMU.org to premium.wpmudev.org/blog.

There’s a lot of speculation and doubt on why James decided this drastic changes to WPMU.org blog franchise. But as he explained and specific the reason behind the transition, its the “Brand” issue. Well i tend to agree with him on this matters.

Instead of branding 2 separate name for their future development, one is WPMU and second is WPMU DEV. The move can help established only one brand across all their platform such as themes, plugins, article(blog) or any future products.

According to Moz analytic, both domain wpmu.org and wpmudev.org had a high Pagerank and high domain and page authority. Although Matt Cutts, head of the Google search spam said Pagerank will not be the sole factor of effecting Search Engine Page Ranking or (SERP) in future. High domain and page authority on WPMU DEV will definitely needn’t to worry about this.

So what do you think about the changes from WPMU DEV? Do you have similar thought on combining your brand into one sole brand? Head out to WPMU DEV new blog and leave your thought there.

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