WordPress Theme – Morris Blur


Morris Blur is one of my latest WordPress designs that bought full right by a private buyer. Morris Blur comes with the old-school 2 column WordPress theme and decorated by stripe background and stripe header or what my friends called it a stripos…not sure what he meant by that..:)

Another feature added to the theme is the adsense.php files. Just put in your valuable google Pub_ID and you ready to earn some revenue…yes, the demand for google integrated themes is more and more nowadays…surely we bloggers love to earn some cash while blogging the world…oh yeah!

Headers are changeable and basically, the theme is one step to a simple and organize blog niche. A stripe menu just to make it more interesting and the a couple of cloudy comment icon just make eyes bleed…not sure why i applied the somewhat high contrast color into a couple of my theme…maybe the late-night coding and design just blurred me out..:) maybe that’s why i named the theme morris blur…hehe..also don’t forget the big feeder and technorati in the sidebar and the skype contact me icon…so if the user got skype account ready..just edit the files and input your skype id and get ready to meet friends….:;;:

thanks and let me know if there’s any buggy bug…

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